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Could Conservative curse hit Boris again as Hunt’s odds are slashed

June 25th, 2019 Home, Media & Journalism, News & Events, Politics, Press Release

Jeremy Hunt has seen his odds more than halved in the Conservative Party Leadership election.

Boris Johnson and Hunt are battling to become Tory leader, and therefore the next Prime Minister.

Johnson has been odds-on favourite for weeks and was a short as 1/20 after he claimed more than half the votes of the parliamentary party, whilst Hunt only just edged past Michael Gove.

However, Johnson has been struggling to gain traction with negative story after negative story appearing, and his interviews within the media have not been going too well – the opposite of Mr Hunt who has impressed on-lookers.

Now Hunt has seen his odds cut into 10/3 – with Johnson still odds-on at 1/5, but nowhere near the 1/20 he was last week.

So could we see the Conservative Party Curse return – the favourite in the leadership elections has NEVER won when being opposed, with Michael Howard the only favourite to win, but that was because he was the only candidate.

Johnson was favourite in 2016 before pulling out due to lack of MP support, but now even though he has that – it seems he could be looking at a real battle to win.

Elected Conservative Party Leaders
Elections from 1965 onwards as before this leaders were elected by party committee
Year Favourite Winner
1965 Reg Maulding Edward Heath
1975 Wille Whitelaw Margaret Thatcher
1990 Michael Heseltine John Major
1997 Ken Clarke William Hague
2001 Michael Portillo Iain Duncan Smith
2003 Michael Howard Michael Howard
2005 David Davis David Cameron
2016 Boris Johnson Theresa May

OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton commented: “Can Boris blow this? At 1/20 some Bookmakers were not even offering odds, not those odds have quadrupled to 1/5 – an astonishing price shift.

“Hunt was as long as 10/1 in places, but now is a third of those at 10/3 – you would have to assume Boris can steady the ship, but if not think could get close ahead of the vote amongst Conservative Party members next month.

“Some Bookmakers have even listed the odds on Boris winning and then being replaced this year – which is just 4/1.

“And looking at Brexit, it is still odds-on that the UK leave with a deal – but not at the end of October – the price on both those outcomes being 3/10.”

Selected odds:

Boris Johnson to win and be replaced in 2019 – 4/1

Next Conservative Party Leader/Prime Minister
Boris Johnson – 10/3
Jeremy Hunt – 1/5

No deal Brexit in 2019?
Yes – 9/4
No – 3/10

UK to leave the EU on/before 31/10/2019?
Yes – 13/5
No – 3/10

*Odds correct at time of writing

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