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Low risk betting – is there such a thing?

August 8th, 2017 Beating the Bookies, Beginner, Matched Betting, Sports Betting

Is there such a thing as low risk betting? Many people advertise it, but it’s confusing knowing what to believe. Sometimes they even advertise it as being completely free from risk.

It’s not just betting we’ve seen this with. Throughout time, people have tried to scam others with news of amazing low-risk investments that claim to make amazing returns.

So, when we tell you there is actually such a thing as low risk betting with a guarantee of profits, you may not believe us.

And you will believe us even less when we tell you there is practically no risk. And that thousands of people are making a full time regular income.

Low risk betting – is there such a thing?

Ok, so we’ll get straight to the point and tell you the secret. The only way to do low risk betting is using a technique known as matched betting.

For more information check out this post on no risk matched betting.

What is matched betting?

To help you understand what matched betting is, first I’ll need to tell you a little bit about the gambling industry.

One of the strongest marketing tools for the gambling industry has always been their new customer promotions. These usually come in the form of free bets.

Bookies offer customers what looks to be easy money if they open an account. But typically, it isn’t until the customer opens an account that they discover that the money isn’t so free after all.

Free bets tend to have stipulations attached, which means that they’re actually pretty hard to win any money from.

This is where matched betting comes to the rescue. Matched betting is a process which extracts the value from a free bet, and sends it straight to your bank account.

There are literally hundreds of these free bets available. So, initially, you can make up to £2000 on these free bets. AND the money you make is tax free. Like I said, it’s the only risk free betting method with guaranteed profits.

Once you’ve taken the value from those initial sign up offers, the risk free betting doesn’t stop there.

Bookmakers then offer repeat free bets. These reload offers are there to tempt players into playing. Except… matched bettors can take advantage of these and make even more money!

How to do matched betting

It’s an easy process to master with a little time and effort but it might need a bit more space than this post can give it.

But here’s the nuts and bolts of it. When you sign up to a bookmaker, you have to make a deposit. Let’s say it’s: deposit £10 and place it on a bet, to get a £10 free bet.

You are risking your initial deposit to get a free £10 bet, not really worth it is it?

Well, the matched betting process advises you to lay that bet on an exchange. So if the team you backed wins, you get the winnings in your bookmakers account. If it loses, you get the winnings in your exchange account. You will likely be around 50p down at this point.

And now is when the magic happens…

The bookmaker gives you your free £10 bet. Let’s say you place that on a bet at 2.0. If it wins, you get £20 into your bookmaker account.

If you lay this £10 bet at the exchange, you will win £10 into your exchange account, minus a small commission.

So either way, you will end up in profit, pretty clever huh? Now imagine what you can do with the thousands of bookmaker offers, that each take just minutes to complete…

To find out more, download our introduction to matched betting and see how this low risk method could work for you!

Intro to matched betting download