Matched betting 2022: over the summer

The football season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your matched betting has to as well! There are still plenty of ways to profit over the summer months without football. This is your guide to summer matched betting 2022.

Matched betting 2022: over the summer

1. Horse Racing

Horse racing is a fantastic matched betting 2022 profiting opportunity. It’s on every single day throughout the summer. Saturday is the top day for ITV Racing but you should still be able to find plenty of good odds matches throughout the week. And let’s not forget Royal Ascot is taking place June 14-18 and Glorious Goodwood from the 26-30th of July. These periods will be an offers extravaganza.

There’s no time like the present to get your horse racing betting strategies up to scratch. More specifically: Extra Places. OddsMonkey Premium members have full access to our Racing and Extra Place Matchers, as well offer and training guides.

2. Tennis

There are two Grand Slam Tournaments taking place over the summer: The French Open is just around the corner (May 22- June 5th) and Wimbledon takes place not long after (June 27-July 10th).

Please be mindful about betting on the correct bookies when placing your Tennis bets. It’s absolutely crucial that you understand how things like ‘retirement rules’ can affect your matched betting. The win market is the only one which can generally be layed directly at the Exchange without any risk from retirement rules.

3. Cricket

Both England’s Men and Women teams will face their counterparts from India and South Africa throughout the summer months. Check the list for coming fixtures.

4. Golf.

The 2022 Open Championship will be played between July 14-17 at St Andrews. And you’ll be able to continue matched betting on Golf, even after the return of Football, with the Ryder Cup taking place towards the end of September.

5. Not sports-related but…

…there are always casino offers available! And these are on all year round. If you’re yet to try casino offers and want to learn something new, then this is the best time to do it! OddsMonkey Premium members get access to the CasinoMonkey site.

As you can see, there’s a world of sports still taking place in the summer which translates into matched betting 2022 profit!

This is also the perfect time to finish up any welcome offers that you might have left or learn about various matched betting techniques that you may not have come across yet. This will get you in tip top shape for when the new Football season is back and you can hit the ground running! No pun intended.

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Alternatively, if you have any questions about matched betting 2022, join our Facebook group or leave us a comment below.


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