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What is Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG)

June 3rd, 2019 Matched Betting

Best Odds Guaranteed is a nice bonus that certain bookmakers give their punters for betting on horses. It basically means that you are paid out at the best odds if your horse starts at a higher price than you got when you placed your back bet. As matched bettors, this can lead to some really nice profit boosts.  

How does BOG work in matched betting?

Let’s use an example offer that says we get a free bet if our horse finishes 2nd. To take part in this offer we would place a back bet at the bookmaker on our chosen horse and then place a lay bet at the exchange. This would leave us with a small qualifying loss and we would be hoping our horse came second to trigger the free bet. But with BOG we have the chance to make a profit if the horse wins as well. 

Let’s look at how it might work:

  • At the bookmaker, we place a back bet of £10 on a horse at 5.0
  • At the exchange, we place a lay bet of £10 at odds of 5.0

With 0% commission, which is available to OddsMonkey premium members, we have made no loss on this bet. We are now hoping the horse comes second to trigger the free bet. However, before the race begins the horse’s odds go up to 8.0, the horse ends up winning the race so we didn’t come second and get a free bet however we have triggered BOG. 

The bookmaker will pay us at odds of 8.0 (instead of 5.0) – so we get a return of £80 at the bookmaker. 

At the exchange, our bet lost so we lost our liability of £50. This leaves us £30 in profit overall thanks to best odds guaranteed. 

If the horse’s odds had gone down at the bookmaker they still would have paid us at 5.0, so as matched bettors this is a great way to earn extra profits. 

Which Bookmakers offer BOG

Most of the big bookmakers in the UK offer BOG. Bookmakers such as William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes, Betfred, Bet365 and many more offer this promotion. Some carry specific terms like having to bet on the day of the race though so you should always check the terms and conditions if you wish to be eligible for BOG. The promotion usually only applies to races taking part in the UK and Ireland as well. 

How do you know if you have won BOG?

Simply check the betting slip at the bookmaker. Most of them will make a big deal about telling you that won extra money with Best Odds Guaranteed. 

You will be able to see the odds that you were paid at and if they are higher than what you backed at you can work out your profits by deducting what you expected to win from the profit shown. 

Can we focus on getting BOG instead of doing matched betting offers?

Unfortunately no, as we have no idea if the odds are going to change in our favour. This should be treated as a nice bonus to your matched betting profits. We can increase our chances or triggering BOG by placing our bets early. If you place all your bets just before the race starts then the odds don’t really have time to change much. If you place your bets earlier in the day the odds could change dramatically in your favour. Just make sure you check the BOG terms at each bookie as some won’t pay BOG if you don’t back after a certain time. 

So even though we can’t guarantee or even plan for Best Odds Guaranteed it’s worth knowing what it is as it can lead to big wins for us as matched bettors!