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Second referendum odds surge – Article 50 odds slashed

January 26th, 2019 Home, Media & Journalism, News & Events, Politics, Press Release

The odds on a second Brexit referendum have surged as Bookmakers believe it is increasingly unlikely we will see a ‘People’s Vote’.

Advocates of a second vote had hoped to increase pressure on Theresa May to go back to the polls as she struggles to negotiate an exit plan.

The United Kingdom are due to leave the EU on March 29, and in theory is nothing is agreed the country would leave on ‘no-deal’ but MPs are battling hard to make sure that scenario does not come to pass.

But whilst a second vote looks unlikely – with MPs dropping plans for a commons vote on the issue – many now feel that Article 50 – which triggered the EU exit, could be extended beyond March.

OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton commented: “So if we look at Brexit now from a betting point of view – according to the odds, we won’t be leaving with a No Deal – that scenario is 11/2. We won’t see a second referendum, which is 1/2 not to happen – but you will see Article 50 extended as it is now as long as 4/1 for the UK to leave on March 29th.

“Indeed things are not looking great for Mrs May and the odds suggest she will leave before Brexit happens – it is 5/6 she is gone before she sees through her plan.”

Selected odds:
United Kingdom to leave EU by March 30th – Yes 4/1 No 1/7
Second Referendum in 2019 – No 1/2 Yes 6/4
United Kingdom to leave EU with No Deal – Yes 11/2 No 1/6
What will happen first? Theresa May to leave office 5/6 UK leaves EU 21/20

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