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Champions League of Darts 2019 Guide

Over the past few years, the Champions League of Darts has positioned itself as one of the late-year highlights in the darts calendar, offering a quick-fire display from world-class players.

Here, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Champions League of Darts 2019, including all the essential details, contenders, and betting tips.

We’ll cover:

What is the Champions League of Darts?

The Paddy Power Champions League of Darts is an annual non-ranking darts competition that is organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The event is a relatively new addition to the darts season, with the inaugural tournament only taking place in 2016. The aim of the competition is to showcase the very best players in the sport in a watchable, quick-fire format.

The Champions League was first announced in conjunction with a TV deal the PDC signed with the BBC to show darts live, and it was the very first PDC event that was shown by the broadcaster. The sponsorship for the tournament has changed hands twice already, with Unibet putting their name to it from 2016–17, before Paddy Power took over from the 2018 season.

What are the dates for the Champions League of Darts 2019?

The Champions League of Darts 2019 will take place over the weekend of the 19th–20th October. This is a change from previous tournaments, which have all been held in September.

Where is the Champions League of Darts 2019 venue?

In 2019, the Champions League of Darts will be hosted at the Morningside Arena in Leicester. It will mark the fourth time the tournament has taken place since it was established in 2016. It’s the first time a PDC event has been held in Leicester, and only the second time the Champions League of Darts has taken place outside of Cardiff.

How much is the Champions League of Darts 2019 prize money?

The winner of the Champions League of Darts 2019 will receive £100,000 in prize money, while the runner-up will get £50,000. The totally prize pool is £250,000, here’s how it breaks down:

  • Winner: £100,000
  • Runner-up: £50,000
  • Semi-finalist: £25,000
  • Third in a group: £15,000
  • Fourth in a group: £10,000

In addition to money the players will receive, there is also a cash prize of £100,000 split for the attending audience in the event of a nine-dart finish, where a player completes a perfect leg of darts to reach the top score of 501. Paddy Power, this year’s sponsor, will fund the audience prize should this eventuality occur.

What is the Champions League of Darts format and schedule?

The Champions League of Darts has a format that sees the top eight darts players in the world compete in two round-robin groups of four, before the top two from each group move onto the semi-final and final knockout stages.

Each group of four is drawn in advance of the tournament and the players play each other once for a minimum total of three matches for each participant. Matches in the groups are won by the first player to ten legs (best of 19). Two points are awarded for winning a match and tied points totals are settled on who has the best leg difference (legs won minus legs lost).

When it reaches the knockout stage, there is a semi-final for the two qualifiers from each group: the winner from Group A plays the runner-up of B, and the winner of B plays the runner-up from A. The victors move onto a final match to decide the championship. At the knockout stage, matches are won by the first to eleven legs (best of 21).

Originally, in 2016, the top eight players from the World Matchplay event featured in the Champions League. But, from 2017, the reigning champion was given a guaranteed slot in the competition, with the rest of the field made up from the top eight from the PDC Order of Merit (or top seven if the current champion did not rank in the first eight).

The schedule for the Champions League of Darts 2019 will be:

  • Saturday, 19 October
    • Afternoon session: Four group matches
    • Evening session: Four group matches
  • Sunday, 20 October
    • Afternoon session: Four group matches
    • Evening session: Semi-finals and final

Who won the Champions League of Darts 2018?

The winner of the Champions League of Darts 2018 was Gary Anderson, who beat Peter Wright in the final 11–4. He also beat the defending champion Mensur Suljović at the semi-final stage 11–4, a reverse of the 2017 final that Suljović won.

The 2018 results were as follows:

P = Played; W = Won; L = Lost; LF = Legs For; LA = Legs Against; +/− = Plus/Minus Leg difference; Avg = Three-dart average; Pts = Group Points; Q = Qualified; () = PDC Ranking.

Group A

Q1Michael van Gerwen (1)3212919+10102.894
Q2Gary Anderson (4)3212822+699.644
3Daryl Gurney (5)3212725+294.334
4Dave Chisnall (8)3031230-1893.530

Group B

Q1Mensur Suljović (6)3303016+14100.616
Q2Peter Wright (2)3212720+7101.714
3Rob Cross (3)3122128-792.062
4Simon Whitlock (7)3031630-1492.540


A1Michael van Gerwen (1) —100.899
B2Peter Wright (2) — 101.4611
B1Mensur Suljović (6) — 92.014
A2Gary Anderson (4) — 102.2611


B2Peter Wright (2) — 93.854
A2Gary Anderson (4) — 101.4711

Who are the other Champions League of Darts winners?

There have been three previous editions of the Champions League of Darts, with each being won by a different player. Phil “The Power” Taylor — arguably the greatest darts player of all time — won the inaugural tournament, beating closest rival Michael van Gerwen by 11–5.

The finals since 2016 have been:

2016Phil Taylor11—5Michael van GerwenMotorpoint Arena, Cardiff
2017Mensur Suljović11—9Gary AndersonMotorpoint Arena, Cardiff
2018Gary Anderson11—4Peter WrightBrighton Centre, Brighton

Which players will compete in the Champions League of Darts 2019?

The final list of competitors in the Champions League of Darts 2019 is still to be finalised. The only player who will definitely taking part is Gary Anderson, the reigning 2018 champion.

The other seven players will qualify from the top eight in the PDC Order of Merit (or top seven if Gary Anderson is ranked outside the top eight) once the World Matchplay event has taken place in July. That means it should be possible to confirm the competitors after Sunday, 28 July 2019.

As of 10 July 2019, the competitors are:

1Michael van Gerwen£1,604,750
2Rob Cross£798,000
3Daryl Gurney£533,250
4Gary Anderson (C)£525,750
5Michael Smith£476,000
6Peter Wright£476,000
7Gerwyn Price£420,250
8James Wade£384,000

C= Champion

Champions League of Darts 2019 odds and betting

Planning to place a bet for the Champions League of Darts 2019? You’re not alone. The top darts tournaments always attract a competitive betting market, so there’s plenty of scope to win some money with a well-placed wager.

When should I place my bets on the Champions League of Darts 2019?

The betting market for the event won’t open until the participants have been confirmed at the end of July, so you may not be able to bet just yet. But, once the group draw and fixtures have been confirmed by the PDC, you can begin to place bets on individual matches and other markets.

Who is the favourite to win the Champions League of Darts 2019?

The favourite to win the competition (and almost every other darts event) will certainly be Michael van Gerwen. The Dutchman has been at the top of the sport for the last couple of years after the retirement of the dominant Phil “The Power” Taylor, and every sign points to him staying at the top of his game for the foreseeable future. And, he’s well ahead in the 2019 Order of Merit so far, which means that he’s very likely to be competing as part of the top eight and favourite to win.

Having said that, with a more limited, elite field and concentrated format than other tournaments, the Champions League of Darts offers a different prospect to betting punters. Only the current top-ranked players compete, so they will always be playing someone close to them in form and skill level. As a result, matches can often be hard to predict and any of the participants are capable of taking home the title. It’s also worth noting that there has yet to be a repeat champion, which again points to the even and competitive field in this competition.

What type of bets can I place on the Champions League of Darts 2019?

Like any darts competition, there will be plenty of betting markets to consider when it comes to placing your bet on the Champions League of Darts. From choosing your outright favourite to take home the title to calling the number of 180s there will be in a match, there’s plenty to choose from.

Below are some of the typical betting markets to watch out for once betting opens:

  • Outright tournament winner: Choose who you think will be the winner of the tournament.
  • Player(s) to reach the final: Pick the player or two players you think will face off in the final.
  • Match winner: Choose who you think will win a particular match.
  • Group winner: Choose who you think will win a particular group.
  • Group runner-up: Choose who you think will come second in a particular group.
  • Winner of a particular set: Choose who you think will win a particular set.
  • Number of 180s in a match: Predict how many 180 scores there will be in a single match.
  • Number of 180s by a particular player: Predict how many 180 scores one player will achieve in a single match or across the tournament.
  • Correct game score: Predict the exact score a match will finish on.
  • Will there be a nine-dart finish? Predict whether there will be a nine-dart finish in a specific match or at the tournament on the whole.
  • What colour does the last dart land on? Predict the colour the last dart thrown lands on.

Remember: More betting markets for the Champions League of Darts will open up closer to the start of the tournament, especially after the competitors have been finalised at the end of July 2019.

Are you looking to make some low-risk money from the Champions League of Darts 2019? You can safely practice matched betting, which is a technique that eliminates almost all of the danger to your cash when you place your bets. It’s a great way to supplement your income while enjoying the darts.

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Are there any betting tips for the Champions League of Darts?

Darts is well-suited to betting. It’s a quickfire sport that’s perfect for placing in-play bets, and there are a wide range of markets to choose from. And, because it’s so popular with punters, it’s easy to see why bookmakers are always so eager to sponsor the biggest tournaments.

If you’re looking to make money, darts is also a sport where having some insider knowledge can really pay off. It’s a solo, indoor sport that’s all about a competitor’s skill and their ability to hold their nerve. This also means there are fewer erratic factors like the performance of a team, the weather, or injuries to worry about. That means if you have an idea of who’s who and their form, you can be successful.

To help you prepare for the Champions League of Darts, we’ve put together a few betting tips that will assist you in chasing the smart money.

  • Pay attention to the odds: The odds offered on someone winning are the result of in-depth analysis on behalf of the bookmaker, and they tend to get it right more often than not. So, you can be sure they have a favourite in mind if they’re offering shorter odds.
  • Listen to the pundits and tipsters: Like the bookies, pundits and tipsters will usually have done lots of research before declaring which player they think will win. While you don’t need to follow their advice all the time, there’s no harm in seeing what they have to say and what insight they can offer.
  • Research the players’ form: “You’re only as good as your last match” goes the old sporting saying, and this definitely applies to darts. No matter what accolades a player has, if they’re out of form, they won’t win. So, even if you have someone in mind as the victor, be sure to check how they’ve been performing recently and whether they usually do well in the Champions League before placing your bet.
  • Know the tournament format: Be sure to familiarise yourself with the Champions League format before betting. We’ve mentioned that the field is the elite, form players, so it’s a little harder to pick an obvious favourite for every match — there’s been a different winner every year so far, which is a testament to how competitive it can be. Also, pay attention to how the draw looks, as there may be one group or side of the knockout stage that is loaded with more top players than the other.
  • Look back at previous meetings: When you’re betting on the outcome of a match, take a look at the head-to-head record between the two players to get an idea of who usually comes out on top. You can also get an idea of whether its usually a close match by looking at the scores from these meetings.
  • Try to gauge the players’ state of mind: Darts is a high-pressure sport that relies on individual skill, so if a player looks like they’re cracking under the pressure or becoming frustrated with their performance, it might be a good time to bet against them. Keep an eye on body language and you could spot the difference between a winner and a loser.
  • Watch the other darts competitions: If you’re unfamiliar with darts or the Champions League tournament, start by watching any competitions you can in the run up to get up speed. Not only will you be able to get to grips with how the sport works, but you can see who’s in form as well. Find the next event and where it will be shown by looking at the PDC’s tournament calendar.
  • Stay up to date with the latest news: Like any sport, things happen when the TV cameras aren’t rolling. Stay up to date with the latest news in the darts world to spot factors that may affect the outcome of the Champions League, such as an injury or player withdrawal.

Are there any Champions League of Darts trends I should know about?

When it comes to spotting trends for the Champions League of Darts, it’s important to remember it is a very young competition that was only established in 2016. This means that it doesn’t have the storied history of the PDC World Championship or World Matchplay just yet.

However, despite only being around for three years, there are a few insights that we can share that may influence how you bet on the upcoming 2019 tournament.

  • There’s been a different winner each year: The competition has offered three different champions so far — Phil Taylor, Mensur Suljović, and Gary Anderson — which suggests 2019 might see another new name on the trophy.
  • Only Gary Anderson has reached the final twice: Only Gary Anderson has reached the final of the Champions League more than once. He will be defending champion this year, so are the odds in favour of him repeating the feat for a third time?
  • Only Gary Anderson has reached the knockout stage at all three tournaments: Anderson is also the only player to have reached the knockout stage at all the tournaments, suggesting he is a good bet to qualify this year too.
  • The top-ranked player has never won: Since 2016, the top-ranked player (Michael van Gerwen at each event) has never won. This reflects the fact that only elite players close in skill level enter the competition. The average ranking of the winner from three events is 5.
  • The top three highest score averages were recorded at the group stage: The best three average scores — Michael van Gerwen (111.23) and Phil Taylor (108.31, 107.49) — were achieved in group stage matches. This suggests better performances take place early in the tournament, rather than the knockout stage, when there is less pressure.
  • Champions League of Darts finals tend to be quite low scoring: In three finals, the average winning score has been 100.14, which is comparatively low when compared to the high scores in the group stage. The highest score was achieved by Gary Anderson in 2018 when he won with an average of 101.47.
  • A group runner-up has only won the tournament once: In 2018, Gary Anderson became the first group runner-up to take home the title. He finished second to Michael van Gerwen in Group A, though they were tied on 4 points a-piece.

Follow the advice in this guide and you will be able to bet smartly while enjoying the Champions League of Darts 2019. Remember, matched betting is a great way to earn low-risk income from betting, and an OddsMonkey premium membership will ensure its as easy as possible to benefit.

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