Rugby World Cup Guide

What is the Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup is a Rugby Union tournament played by the world’s top teams. The current holders of the Cup are South Africa, who beat England in the 2019 final.

How long is a match?

A rugby match is 80 minutes long and is split into two 40-minute halves. There’s a 10 minute break at the midway point. The tournament itself is usually held over 7 weeks.

How many teams are in the Rugby World Cup?

20 teams take part in the Rugby World Cup. The top twelve countries from the 2019 tournament have automatically qualified for the next event. The other 8 will need to qualify for the 2023 event. Teams are sorted into pools and then play knockout rounds to determine who’ll play in the final.


Pool APool BPool CPool D
New ZealandSouth AfricaWalesEngland
Americas 1Asia / Pacific 1Europe 1Oceania 1
Africa 1Europe 2Final Qualifier WinnerAmericas 2


How often does the World Cup take place?

The Rugby World Cup is played every 4 years.

When is the next Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup is set to be played between September 8th 2023 – October 21st 2023 in France. It will take place across the country with matches taking place in Lille, Saint-Denis, Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse, Nice, and Marseille. The Final will happen at the Stade de France.

Which channel is the Rugby World Cup on?

ITV and S4C have both previously broadcast the Rugby World Cup coverage. Check back closer to the time of the 2023 tournament for more details including which channel the Rugby World Cup will be shown.

Rugby World Cup facts

  • The tournament was first held in 1987 and was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.
  • The same whistle is blown for the opening game of every Rugby World Cup tournament. It was first used in 1905 during a game between England and New Zealand.
  • In 2003, Australia beat Namibia in a humiliating 142 to 0 result to take the record of the biggest winning margin.
  • The world-famous New Zealand All Blacks shocked Rugby fans everywhere in 2007 when they failed to make it even as far as the Semi-Finals. This was the first time in Rugby World Cup history. 
  • Winners: New Zealand have won three times (1987, 2011, 2015) Australia and South Africa have each won twice (1991, 1999) and (1995, 2007), respectively.

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