3 ways to earn a second income on a weekend

There are times in life when no matter how well you are doing in your full-time job, life throws up some obstacles. So you may need to discover how to earn a second income.

In fact, people’s need to discover how to earn a second income continues to grow. It is estimated that around 29% of workers have a second job. The age groups most interested in how to generate second income are those ages 25-34. 44% of that age group have a second income.

In fact, 39% of people in the 18-24 age group also have a second income. This decreases as people get older, with 29% in the 35-44 and 22% in the 45-52 age group wanting to know how to create a second income source.

And it is of no surprise. The costs of living are outgrowing full time income rises. People are finding it more difficult to keep on top of general living expenses. There is a clear weighting towards young people having second jobs. This could be an indication of how difficult it is to get onto the property ladder.

And that is before we start thinking about indulging in life’s luxuries. Purchases like holidays are even more difficult to obtain for many.

In fact, those numbers of people with a second income would probably increase if more people knew how to generate second income. And how to generate the second income in a way which fitted in with their other commitments.

Anyway, without further ado, we’ll get to the point and tell you how to generate second income during your weekends.

#1. Flipping goods from car boot sales

There’s a cool method you can use to earn a second income by combining land based purchases with online sales. People have been doing this for years, but it was recently been made popular by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

When goods sold in independent brick and mortar shops or car boot sales can be inaccurately priced. This is because there isn’t a convenient reference point for the price like there is online. It’s especially true in charity shops where workers don’t have the time to research. And also at car boot sales where sellers place arbitrary values on their items.

This creates an excellent opportunity for all of you to earn a second income. All you need is an internet connection to take advantage of it.

As you browse the car boot stalls, or charity shops your phone can act as a secret weapon.

All you need to do is load the eBay store on your browser, or via the app. And then search eBay for the item you’ve found that you suspect may hold some value. By clicking on completed auctions, you will then see the prices these goods have sold for.

All that is left for you to do then is compare the price, and if the profit margin is good, purchase it. Then you can list it on eBay to sell.

This is also great for those of you who don’t have much spare time as you can fit it around your normal weekend schedule as everything can be done via your smart phone.

Plus, this is accessible to anyone no matter how much cash you have lying around. You can start with as little as £20.

Or alternatively, there is another way that you can get started…

That is by selling your old stuff! Everyone has potentially hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of old things lying around their house that they have never even considered as holding any value. Or they may keep it ‘for a rainy day’, but never lay eyes on it every again.

Think of it as killing two birds with one stone. You get to declutter your house and earn money at the same time!

There is one important thing to consider, though. You may sell goods that you bought with the intention of using without being liable to pay tax. However, the second you buy goods with the intention of flipping them, you will need to declare this on your annual tax return.

#2. Become a part of the gig economy

The rise of tech companies and increase in use of mobile apps has lead to a lot of opportunities to work as a self employed worker on your own terms.

Deliveroo, Uber, and Amazon are all looking for reliable workers. And the structure of these businesses means that they provide a solid option in your search for how to create a second income source. Obviously, these will only be suitable for those of you with free time to spare at the weekend.

We’ll run through the three main opportunities:

  1. Deliveroo
    Working for Deliveroo gives you the opportunity to earn a second income AND get fit at the same time. You will be self-employed and free to work as and when you’re available. You can make deliveries via a scooter, motorbike, or bicycle, and you need an iPhone or Android smartphone as your deliveries will be coordinated via the app.Deliveroo state that you’ll make up to £120 per day, and in addition, you are also able to keep 100% of the tips you receive. As a perk of delivering for Deliveroo, they provide you with access to high-quality protective gear such as phone holders, clothing, helmets and lights. They will also give you free international money transfers, as well as discounts at Apple, Vue Cinema and a selection of restaurants. The application process is easy, and only takes 5 minutes to submit on the Deliveroo website.

  2. Amazon Flex
    Amazon are continually growing, and so is their need for delivery people. They state that you can make between £12-£15 per hour delivering their parcels and all you need is a vehicle, a smart phone and some free time. You can schedule to work ahead of time, or if at the last minute your plans fall through you can check the app and pick up a block of time that’s available. Work opportunities are available 7 days per week, which makes a earning a second income entirely possible. Each delivery block is between 1 and 4 hours, where you’ll receive an area to cover and number of parcels to deliver. Amazon try to take into account things such as traffic congestion to ensure your average earnings stay between £12 & £15. Hiring locations change on a regular basis, but further details can be found on the Amazon Flex website.
  3. Uber
    Uber has been a revelation for travel globally, as they’ve completely disrupted the taxi and minicab industry. It has also allowed a large number of people to become self employed drivers and set their own hours, with many people just working at weekends. There are a few conditions you must follow to be able to drive for Uber. Firstly, you must have a private hire license from your local council – which Uber will help you obtain. You must also be at least 21 years old, have a UK driver’s license, and experience of driving in the city in which you will operate. There are certain requirements on the type of car you use, but if you don’t have a car currently, Uber will provide you with rental or finance options. If you work in a large City, you’re likely to earn a bigger second income than if you work in a small suburban town.

#3. Get a second job

There are lots of jobs that are suited to weekend work, where businesses are busier and need extra help.

These jobs can be for full working days, or just a few different shifts, so it’s important that you look around until you find something that suits you.

You will notice that a few different types of jobs continually present themselves. These are:

  • Retail assistants
  • Bar and restaurant staff
  • Sporting events staff
  • Warehouse assistants

While experience can be an advantage, employers are usually happy to train people in these positions. What’s most important is that employees are reliable – as there can be a high turnover rate of employees in these jobs.

There are numerous places online that you can find a weekend job to help earn your second income. We have compiled a list of the most popular below:

The above links will take you to a weekend job search on each website. All you need to do is filter the results to display lobs local to you. This will give you a great idea of what is available in your area.

You need to ensure that your CV is up to date, and relevant to the job you are applying for. So you should highlight any relevant experience. Or if you have no relevant experience, make sure you include any transferable skills you possess that you feel are applicable to the role.

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