4 easy side hustles you can make a start on today

You’ve decided to supplement your full-time income with a side job – but what do you do if you want something easy and quick?

We’ve compiled a selection of the four easiest side hustles that are perfect for first-timers looking to make a little extra money.

#1: Mystery shopper


Who doesn’t love to shop? If you’re a shopaholic who knows what makes for a great customer experience, this could be your perfect side hustle. With a schedule that suits your availability, mystery shopping companies should either pay for your work, or reimburse your costs.

Those who have easy access to a wide spread of shops will be able to do the most work, due to the greater variety of stores and restaurants signed up to the scheme, though smaller towns will also have gigs available. Access to transport will be a plus, so if you don’t mind hitting the road to assess your retail experience, you could start mystery shopping as soon as today.

#2: Dog walking


Stretch your legs and head into the great outdoors to make cash as a dog walker. Many professionals who love their pooches will pay for an animal lover to keep their dog happy and healthy while they work, making it perfect for those who have time spare during the week.

It’s important that you really love dogs to do this side hustle, and you should try to get references to reassure pet owners before you start. If you’re looking to keep things simple, you could consider starting out by offering lunch-time home calls to give the dogs some company, and build up a portfolio of experience from there.

#3: Social media influencer


Love taking beautifully-framed snaps on Instagram? Have a good back and forth with your followers on Twitter? It could be time to profit from your carefully built-up network by taking advantage of social media promotion.

From straightforward ads to genuine reviews, the level of promotion you choose to engage in is up to you. Done well, you could make some serious side cash, build an even bigger online following, and even bag some free goodies from your favourite brands. Start out by contacting companies relevant to your interests, and once you’ve made a name for yourself, other companies could soon be knocking at your door.

#4: Test apps


Mobile technology is a goliath industry these days and app developers need to make sure their products are perfect before competing for downloads. Developers of all sizes will pay certified app testers to spend time on their product pre-release to hunt out any potential bugs before the product goes to market.

Many companies will help you to become certified (which isn’t as hard as it sounds), and from then, you can use your spare time to report on any problems with an app. The amount you earn depends on the effort you put in, and those who provide detailed and professional feedback could even make a full-time equivalent income from this profitable side gig.

Whatever your interests and time availability, there’s an easy side hustle to get you started. Find out more about your options with our dedicated side hustle guides.

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