4 money making tips for full-time parents

Taking care of a little one is full-time work. And it’s a job that doesn’t come with a pay cheque.

So, it’s no surprise many parents are starting a side-hustle to earn extra cash, while still spending important time and energy with their kids.

If you’re thinking about earning extra money that doesn’t impact on your time with your children, these are four side hustles that can fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

#1. Start a parenting blog

Many proud parents like to document their adventures with their children by sharing snaps on social media, while others have developed their own blogs. Blogging is a great way to make money online once you’ve put in the initial effort to set one up, and parent blogging can be particularly lucrative for some.

Updating a few times per week and cross-posting on social media is a fantastic way to build a following, and when you’ve got enough readers to become an influencer, lots of brands will pay for you to review their products online – usually giving you helpful freebies, too! And even if they don’t, you can make money by signing up to an ads network or becoming an affiliate with an e-commerce site, where you get paid either for people clicking a link on your site and buying something on theirs, or simply for sending the traffic through.

#2. Become a babysitter

For those who love to work with kids, babysitting other people’s children is a great way to make money while also spending time with your own kids. If you have friends who work full-time, they’ll appreciate leaving their children with someone they trust, and it can be a great opportunity for your children to socialise with kids around their age.Some parents who start out as babysitters decide to qualify as childminders, which can be profitable, and an excellent way to stay at home all while earning an income.

#3. Sell your crafts

Independent sellers on Etsy and eBay rarely do so as their main job. Many are crafty and artistic people looking to make some extra money with their talents, making it an enjoyable and lucrative side hustle that’s perfect for parents.

If you love to knit, sew, and create in your down time, you could be missing out on some major money. Start out small by selling your wares on eBay, and once you discover what you make that creates the best income, start to invest in developing a store on Etsy or similar – you could be surprised about how in demand your crafts are!

#4. Matched betting

If you have a little bit of money to invest from the start, spending your little one’s naptime matched betting is a low-risk way of making some cash on the side. Even better: it’s tax-free! All you need to do is read up on the techniques, and matched betting could be the easiest way for you to make a good income.

Rather than the risks associated with lay or back betting, there’s a massively reduced chance of losing money when you choose to match bet. Parents who have spent two to three hours per day matched betting have earnt as much as several thousand pounds in the space of a month – just like OddsMonkey Premium member, Ailsa.

Being a full-time parent is a full-time job, so why shouldn’t you have a little extra income to enjoy? Find out more about how to make a side hustle work for you with our expert side hustle guides.

4 money making tips for full-time parents

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