6 of the most popular side hustles to make money

You want to make extra money but you’re tied down to a 9-5 job. What’s the solution? You start a side hustle, of course. A flexible side project that runs alongside your day job, a side hustle can be a clever way to satisfy a passion and earn money along the way.

If you’re new to earning a second income and need a little inspiration, learning some of the most popular side hustles likely to net you a nice little cash stream will help get your brain into money-making mode.

#1. Sell stock photos

Do you love snapping beautiful scenery? Is your Instagram feed brimming with likes? If you’re a shutterbug who pulls out the camera at every moment, you can cash in on your passion.

Good quality photos are in high demand these days, so if you’re a budding photographer, this could be a lucrative avenue to go down. Have a look around for photography websites in need of contributors. iStock is a popular one, although you have to apply first. Shutterstock may be a little easier to start with; you simply need to create an account.

Focus on a niche to help you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you’re a real foodie who takes pictures of every delicious meal served up in front of you, or maybe you just love taking high-res pictures in social settings with friends? Just remember people who appear in your pictures will need to sign a model release form.

#2. Blogging

For all you wordsmiths out there who have a secret talent for writing, have you ever thought about sharing your stories with the world via blogging? It’s the perfect outlet to talk about the things you love and could present an opportunity to earn some big money if it takes off.

An engaging website can bring in a significant fortune from directing visitors to affiliate sites, and if you get approached by big brands they may pay you to feature their products or give you freebies. Better still, you can do it at your own pace, tailoring it around your schedule.

Do your research and think about where your interests and a gap in the blogosphere intersect if you want to ensure you get good uptake; a fair few people have cottoned on to this one already – it can be that effective!

#3. Create your own online course

Clued up on a niche subject area that few people have covered? There’s a chance that people may be searching for your skills this very moment.

Test the waters first by setting up on Skillshare, an online learning community where anyone can teach a course and get paid every time someone takes it. If you’re feeling confident, you could take it that one step further and host informative webinars.

You might think you don’t know anything particularly special, but there Skillshare has lessons on everything from playing chess to cutting food like a chef.

#4. Remote English teacher

Patience of a saint? Tick. Love helping people to learn? Tick. Ever thought about becoming a remote English teacher? There’s a considerable demand for good English teachers abroad, and Skype is the latest way to get involved.

You might find it’s easy to get started somewhere like Fiverr, where people can pay you a little bit of cash for all manner of things, such as designing a logo.

Create your own virtual classroom and reap the benefits of earning money and educating people from your sofa. It might even lead to travel opportunities. Win-win!

#5. Manage social media for small businesses

Many small businesses leave social media on the backburner due to time constraints. That creates a gap in the market for all you social media addicts out there.

If you know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to triggering engaging social conversations online, offering your skills to companies in need could well earn you a welcome second income.

#6. Matched betting

But matched betting is risky business, right? Well, surprisingly it’s not! Matched betting is actually a low-risk form of betting. It guarantees profits by taking advantage of the free bets companies offer to draw in new members.

If you love betting but don’t do it on a regular basis because of the risky connotations associated with gambling, this could be a more tangible money-making scheme for you. This is a break down of what you would need to know.

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