Bellew vs. Haye: Odds, betting, and everything you need to know about the fight

Bellew v Haye was one of the most exciting fights of 2017. By the time the fight started, Bellew v Haye had turned into somewhat of a grudge match thanks to a very tense build up to the fight, where both fighters were visibly riled.

But the outcome of David Haye vs Tony Bellew left quite a few questions remaining, due to the way it ended. We’re going to give you a run down of what happened before, offer a preview into the fight, and tell you how you can profit from this hotly anticipated rematch.

Bellew v Haye 1 – What happened?

As we said, Bellew v Haye 1 was one of the most thrilling contests of 2017. In truth, not many people gave Tony Bellew a chance, as he was stepping up from Cruiserweight to fight David Haye who had been fighting as a Heavyweight for many years.

During the build up to the first fight, some vicious insults were thrown between the pair. This came to a climax when David Haye threw a punch at Bellew during a face off in the pre fight press conference.

Unlike many other fights that are hyped but fail to deliver, Bellew v Haye definitely didn’t disappoint. The thing that made the fight so intriguing, was that Haye, although he looked slower, had an obvious power advantage. He was stalking Bellew like a lion hunting its prey, but Bellew looked the faster of the two, possibly taking the opening two rounds on the scorecards.

However, Haye seemed to find his rhythm, and took control of the fight. That was until the 6th round when a seemingly innocuous slip ruptured his Achilles tendon. Bellew sensed blood and went for the kill, and Haye knew he was on his last legs (pun intended). So Haye fought fire with fire trying to get the knock out, which made for a thrilling 6th round.

The following rounds were very similar, just not at the same intensity, with Haye rapidly deteriorating, but Bellew just not quite having the power at the weight to finish the fight. Eventually, Hayes corner threw in the towel fearing he was doing himself serious damage.

It was a remarkable fight. Let’s hope that Bellew v Haye 2 offers the same excitement.

Bellew v Haye 2 – The build up

Following a lot of hostility during the first David Haye vs Tony Bellew fight, things seem to have changed somewhat. In the build up to the first fight, Haye was very arrogant, and let himself become riled by Bellew. David Haye blames this poor mentality on his defeat.

This time around, things have been a lot calmer, with David Haye refusing to bite. But there has still been a few interesting quotes from both fighters, which may give you an insight into their mentality. See what the fighters have had to say below:

Tony Bellew

“You’ve labelled me so many things. I don’t need to motivate myself, David. All I need to do is turn up and get home safely. That’s the exact same as it was for me last time. Am I going to ‘rob the bank’ again? Listen, you’re not a bank. You’re just another man with two arms and two legs.”

“You think you’re going to knock me unconscious, you’re not. Believe me you’re not. Because it doesn’t matter what you do, how hard you train, the weights you lift, you’re going to lose again on May 5th.”

David Haye

“We’ve got a fight, I’ve got the heart and desire. Anyone who watched last fight knows I could have pulled out, I didn’t get paid any extra for keeping going. You’re willing to go as far as you have to to get the win. I don’t believe I was optimal first time round, I was horrendous.”

“Bellew somehow won the lottery in our first fight, but believe me, he won’t win the lottery twice. I’ve been training every day for over six months. I already feel fitter, stronger and more athletic than I did for our first showdown. I will relish the opportunity to rewrite the ending of the Bellew v Haye story.”

Bellew v Haye 2 – The key info you need you know

So by now, you should be as excited as we are for the second installment of the David Haye vs Tony Bellew saga. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Where and when does it take place?

Bellew v Haye 2 takes place at The 02 Arena in London on May 5th, 2018, and is a joint promotion by Matchroom sports and Hayemaker Ringstar.

What time is the fight?

The first fight of the evening is scheduled to start at 18:00 GMT. The ring walk for the main event will be just after 22:00 GMT.

How can you watch the fight?

Bellew v Haye 2 is live on Sky Sports Box Office. This means it is a pay per view fight, so it will cost you in addition to a Sky subscription to watch it. For Sky UK customers, the event is priced at £19.95.

If you’re not a Sky subscriber, you can purchase the fight via Now TV and watch through Now TV player. The price to watch via Now TV is also £19.95.

Who is on the undercard?

Bellew v Haye 2 has a packed undercard with some good fighters. Below are the fights you should look out for.

Lenroy Thomas vs. Joe Joyce

Joe Joyce is three fights into his pro career having won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He is moving quickly in his career and in just his fourth fight has an opportunity to win the Commonwealth Heavyweight Title against Jamaican Jenroy Thomas.

Big things are expected of Joyce, who is an extremely agile, quick and skillful fighter for someone of his immense size. The only question marks he has to answer is whether he has the punch power to make it to the very top, as well as how durable he is when taking shots.

Lenroy Thomas is a few levels below where Joyce wants to be, so it will be a good benchmark for us to see whether Joyce has what it takes to push on.

John Ryder vs. Jamie Cox

This super-middleweight contest between two well respected domestic level fighters that are attempting to burst onto the world scene could be an absolute cracker.

Jamie Cox fought in the ongoing World Boxing Super Series, losing to finalist George Groves in the quarter-finals.

This is a hard one to call, and could go either way. The winner will move further up the WBA rankings and get closer to a shot against George Groves provided he retains his belt in the Super Series final.

Other fights

Also on the undercard is a super featherweight contest between Martin Ward and James Tennyson for a WBA international and EBU European title. As well as Paul Butler vs. Emmanuel Rodriguez for the IBF world bantamweight title.

Also making an appearance on the bill is the supremely talented Joshua Buatsi as he continues to build what looks to be a very promising career.

Bellew v Haye 2 – Tale of the tape


Tony Bellew David Haye
Age 35 Age 37
Nickname Bomber Nickname The Haymaker
Stance Orthodox Stance Orthodox
Height 6’ 3” / 191cm Height 6’ 3” / 191cm
Reach 74” / 188cm Reach 78” / 198cm
Wins 29 (19 KOs) Wins 28 (26 KOs)
Losses 2 (1 KOs) Losses 3 (2 KOs)

One thing that is currently unclear, is how heavy each fighter will be when they step into the ring. The reason being that Bellew isn’t a natural heavyweight, and Bellew v Haye 1 was his first at that weight. So he put on a lot of fat in the buildup to the fight and came in at a career high of 15st 3lbs.

David Haye tipped the scales at just over 16st, which shows the difference between the two fighters. No matter what, Haye is expected to retain around a stone weight advantage over Bellew.

Bellew v Haye – Odds

Despite losing the first fight, David Haye is still a massive favourite with the bookmakers coming into this contest. Last March, his body showed clear signs of wear and tear, and he suffered a horrific injury. Question marks remain over whether his body is able to stand up to the rigours of fighting at the top level any more. If you’d like some tips on how to bet on Boxing in general, you can read them here.

All odds are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change.

Bellew v Haye Odds – Winner

Tony Bellew David Haye Draw
7/4 (2.75) 1/2 (1.5) 25/1 (26.0)

Bellew v Haye Odds – Method of Victory

Bellew by KO, TKO or Disqualification Bellew by Decision or Technical Decision Haye by KO, TKO or Disqualification Haye by Decision or Technical Decision Draw or Technical Draw
10/3 (4.33) 6/1 (7.0) 8/11 (1.72) 5/1 (6.0) 25/1 (26.0)


Bellew v Haye Odds – Will The Fight Go The Distance?

No Yes
1/3 (1.33) 9/4 (3.25)


Bellew vs. Haye 2 – How to profit

All things considered, Tony Bellew looks like he could be the value bet going into the fight. But what if we told you there was a way that you bet on Bellew v Haye 2 and dramatically lower your risk?

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