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Dutching Calculator
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Dutch betting is a technique that can be used across live sporting events to place bets on various different outcomes of play. When done correctly, the bettor is protected from losses despite how the game or race finishes.

Dutching is a betting technique used in matched betting where a bettor places multiple bets on different outcomes of an event to minimise the potential loss and ensure a profit regardless of the outcome. The goal is to divide the total betting amount across different selections to balance the risk instead of placing all the bets on one outcome. This method is often used in horse racing or football betting, where there are multiple outcomes, and the odds are subject to change. By spreading the bets across different outcomes, the bettor can reduce the impact of any fluctuations in the odds, allowing them to lock in a profit.

Newcomers to Dutch betting will find the Dutching calculator to be an important tool in ensuring the chance of losing stakes is covered. Depending on the number of selections that make up the Dutch Bet, different stakes will need to be placed to ensure a payout is made greater than the stakes.

What is a Dutching Calculator?

A Dutching calculator is a tool used in betting that helps bettors determine the optimal amount to bet on each selection in a Dutching betting strategy. The calculator takes into account the odds and the bet stake and then calculates the potential payout amount for each selection if it wins. 

Dutching calculators can be found online or can be purchased as software programs. They can greatly simplify the Dutching process and help bettors make more informed decisions, as the calculations involved in Dutching can be complex and time-consuming. By using a Dutching calculator, bettors can easily determine the best Dutching strategy for a given set of odds and desired profit, once again allowing them to minimise the risk of loss and maximise the potential for profit.

Who can use a Dutching Calculator?

If you are looking to make use of a Dutching calculator, we have this software available to use at OddsMonkey. Whether you’re placing stakes on various fixtures in football or horse races, the Dutching calculator will ensure the potential to lose is minimised. 

It is possible to check out the Dutch betting calculator that we offer users on-site without making an account. To take advantage of all the features we offer, you can make an account on OddsMonkey today and get the most from your Dutch betting!

Why use a Dutching Calculator?

The obvious reason for a Dutch betting calculator is to aid in working out the mathematics involved in placing these bets. With multiple different bets involved in this method that use different stakes to ensure at least the bettor breaks even, the maths required in these bets can be difficult. The use of a Dutch betting calculator is available to use on a number of sports which can help users to place the right stakes on sports they are potentially less familiar with.

Another advantage of betting calculators is in displaying the stakes required for multiple bets before any of the best are placed. This means that users can place all of the different bet stakes required quickly before the betting site changes any of the odds included. This helps the user to get the best returns from any of their Dutching bets.

More Betting Calculators at OddsMonkey

There is a great range of other betting calculators made available to members at OddsMonkey that can help users correctly place other bets. These tools make it possible to see the stakes required despite the initial bet value, whether you are using a Free bet bonus stake or your own funds. 

The most simple use of calculator software is when looking to place Single Matched betting stakes. The Single Bet Calculator can display the payouts on offer from a single stake once the user has inputted the odds of this bet stake and the value they are placing on this bet. 

Another interesting bet calculator which can help users to try out a betting strategy they might not have even heard of before is the Heinz Bet Calculator. This bet is made up of 5 different stakes set on 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold. With so many different stakes involved in this bet, the Heinz Bet Calculator can be of great assistance here.

The calculators mentioned here, including the Dutching betting calculator, offer the maths behind placing stakes with minimal risk of losing. This betting format is mainly used as a way of removing the risk of losing bets and making money from Free Bet bonuses; this is in no way a method of getting rich quickly.