Join the OddsMonkey Affiliate programme

If you have an awesome website, app or community you can spread the OddsMonkey word by becoming an OddsMonkey affiliate to receive 50%* commission on every Premium member you sign up every time they pay us!

Add an extra £1000 – £6000 to your account!

Our top affiliates are currently earning between £1000 and £6000 every single month just for sending new customers our way.

OddsMonkey’s job is to deliver awesome software, training and customer support to our Premium members. Your job is  to tell everyone about us! That way, they’ll get great service, we get new, happy customers and you get a commission to say ‘thanks’.

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Why become an OddsMonkey affiliate?

Ongoing profits

You’ll receive 50% share of net revenue share every time a member that you referred pays us for premium access. This applies to monthly and annual payments.

Live stats

Login to your affiliate control panel and view live data on how much traffic you have sent, how many free accounts, how many paid accounts, all updated within minutes.

Low minimum payout

Our minimum payout is only £50 and you’ll receive payments on 15th of each month for all qualifying commissions you have generated at that time.

How it works

As an affiliate you will

*Calculating your commission

Your exact commission is calculated by first removing the costs that we incur when accepting the payment. This includes VAT (that we pay to the tax man), and also payment processing fees that we need to pay to PayPal, Skrill or our banking partners.

For every £29.99 payment we receive from one of your affiliates, you will receive a commission of £11.96. We have provided an example of how this breaks down in the image to to the left.

Monthly payment (£29.99) 
Payment processing fees£1.07
OddsMonkey share (50%)£11.96
Your commission (50%)£11.96
Annual payment (£249.99) 
Payment processing fees£7.45
OddsMonkey share (50%)£100.44
Your commission (50%)£100.44

Sound good?

Apply today and start earning

Please click here to view our Affiliate Advertising Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming an affiliate

We welcome affiliate requests from any business or individual who would like to promote us. The majority of our existing affiliates are owners of websites with sports or matched betting related content, however we assess each affiliate request individually and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Simply complete our easy affiliate application here. Your request will be reviewed and, if successful, you’ll then get access to your personal affiliate dashboard area and can start promoting immediately.

Yes, all we ask is that you let us know in your application where you will be promoting OddsMonkey and keep us up to date if that changes by emailing [email protected].

Yes, please email [email protected] if you are registered for VAT and provide all details of your company and VAT registration.


We provide a range of banners and we will also contact you via email if we run any special promotions that you can market to your contacts. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any specific requirements.

Yes. You can request the OddsMonkey logo files for use on your site by emailing [email protected]. Please note that you must not alter, modify or resize any of these files. Should you require a logo different to the available options, please request this and we will provide you with the required file.

Underneath each banner displayed on the banners page in your account you will see a snippet of text, which is the banner’s HTML code. Simply copy this HTML code for the banner you would like to choose and paste it into your site page’s html.

We use a cookie which is placed on the browser of any visitor to our site. Cookies for visitors coming from your site contain your unique affiliate ID, which we use to automatically attribute the referred visitor to your affiliate account.

Cookies remain active for 30 days. This means that anyone coming to us from your site but not creating an account straight away will still be recognised as a referral from you if they come back to complete the registration process within 30 days.

Free accounts will remain linked to your affiliate account for 30 days before expiring, any free accounts during this 30 day period that convert to become premium accounts will result in commission being paid to your affiliate account.

In your affiliate account you have a report available that lets you keep track of all traffic, clicks, free and premium signups and commission earnings that your referrals generate.

Data is updated in real-time and you will see new accounts/payments within a few minutes

Getting paid

We currently only offer PayPal.

Payments will be processed automatically by our affiliate team every month on or shortly before the 15th. Each month we will pay you for all commissions in your account that are older than 30 days. There is a minimum payout of £50, if your earnings fall below this level then they will be carried over to the following month

Yes, earning must be more than £50 before payment will be made. If your earnings fall below this level then they will be carried over to the following month.

This is very unusual, but it is likely to be that the customer requested a refund under our 30-day moneyback guarantee.