Secrets of the side hustle

Side Hustle | saɪd ˈhʌsl | Noun.  A way to make money from your passion, interest or hobby. Work around the rat race and earn a second income that comes from doing something you love. A Side Hustle can either supplement your 9 to 5 or replace it completely – that’s up to you.

More than 16 million Brits have a side hustle to help cover the cost of living

For 24% of the UK, the average monthly wage of £1538.97 is not enough Because of this, a quarter of

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Making Money Online with Paid Surveys

There are quite a few ways to make money online and filling in surveys is one of the easiest. Pretty

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7 unusual ways to make money

We’ve compiled a selection of seven out of the ordinary side hustles for anyone looking to make a little extra

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4 easy side hustles you can make a start on today

We’ve compiled a selection of the four easiest side hustles that are perfect for first-timers looking to make a little

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5 examples of people who succeeded from a second income

For some side-hustlers, what started out as a second job turned into something so much bigger. From an out-of-work bond

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6 things to be cautious of when dealing with money-making websites

At OddsMonkey, we feel this is a real problem, and people are missing out on life changing opportunities as a

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