Betting odds Calculators

Here at OddsMonkey, you can use our betting calculator to calculate your bet returns for free. Simply enter your stake, select the type of bet, then enter your odds and hit calculate to see how much your bet will win.

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Our odds calculator even has settings to adjust the format of your odds, change the result, add a Rule 4, and look at your options for betting each way.

  • Enter your stake and odds (fractional, decimal, or American)
  • Adjust any of the options to match the bet you made
  • Hit calculate to get a breakdown of your total stake, total return, and total profit

Our online bet calculator is incredibly easy and convenient to use, which makes it ideal for working out your returns before you place a bet or when you’re adding up your winnings.

We also have many other betting returns calculators that are free to use that cover all types of bets. You can find links to these on the right of this page. Simply click through to the tool you would like to use to access it.

At OddsMonkey, we also help our customers unlock profit from matched betting, a method that takes advantage of free bets from bookies. To find out more, you can read our matched betting guide then use our matched betting calculator and OddsMatcher tool to start earning.

What is a betting calculator?

A betting calculator — also known as an odds calculator — is a tool that lets you see what your returns will be when you bet a stake on particular odds. They offer an easy way to see exactly what your profit will be without the need to do any maths. You can typically use a betting odds calculator as a quick reference point before you place any bets.

If this is all new to you, we recommend finding out more about how betting odds work to make sure you’re up to speed when betting.