Royal Ascot Matched Betting 2023 Guide

The Royal Ascot is one of the most popular horse race meetings that takes place in England each year. In Berkshire, England, the Ascot Racecourse is used to hold this 5-day racing event, with 18 of the highest quality flat races you will watch through the year. It is held during mid-June, so the weather is usually stunning and the moods are high!

For experienced matched bettors, Royal Ascot is up there with one of the best horse racing events to get stuck into, offering enough markets across the 18 races. If you are yet to start your matched betting journey, now could be the time, as Royal Ascot approaches and the markets begin to open up. Here at OddsMonkey, we provide you with the best information surrounding the topic of matched betting, and in this guide, we will give you the rundown of everything you may need to know.

Matched Betting with OddsMonkey

Now that we’ve introduced the guide, you may be wondering, what is matched betting exactly? The OddsMonkey team specialises in matched betting and are all incredibly knowledgeable about the facts and information. Royal Ascot matched betting is one popular way that new matched bettors get introduced to the structure, and it can provide you with the opportunities to lock in a profit from promotional free bets, sign-up offers, refill offers, and more. With matched betting, you completely eliminate the reliance on luck, and instead place 2 bets that cover both outcomes. 

We will explain in more detail later, but to summarise, one half of your bet is for the horse to win, and the other half is for that horse to NOT win. Sounds simple enough, right? That’s because it is, even more so if you use our Matched Betting Calculator, which is a useful piece of software for quickly figuring out the bets you need to place.

Our team of professionals at OddsMonkey provide the knowledge to make your experience easier and your bets more profitable. Everything you need to start matched betting during the Royal Ascot can be found here, whether it’s tools or general information. The OddsMonkey service comes stuffed to the brim with info and software which could aid your performance. We are also the creators of the original OddsMatcher tool, a vital piece of equipment for betting of all kinds.

How do I start making profit with matched betting at Royal Ascot 2023?

Moving towards the summer months of 2023, we see June quickly approaching on the calendar, and along with this comes the introduction of the Royal Ascot. Bookmakers know of this, and will start providing new opportunities to both new and existing customers. This means there will be a plethora of options waiting for you when the time comes around for the horses to run. A large majority of these opportunities will present themselves to new customers, enticing them to sign up with the hopes of finding the best deal. However, thanks to the knowledge provided here, you can get a 1-up on the bookmakers who otherwise think they are beating the competition.

Now, let’s look at a few of the best ways to have yourself a potentially profitable Royal Ascot. Some of these options are available to both new and existing customers, and others are specific to new sign-ups, so make sure you read the fine print!

Refund Offers in Horse Racing

Within horse race betting, one of the main offers that presents itself is race refund offers. These offers are sometimes referred to as “money-back specials”, much like the “money back guarantees” you hear on insurance adverts and such. These offers are one of the safest ways to potentially make a profit from the 2023 Royal Ascot while matched betting. If you are a member of OddsMonkey Premium, you can receive full and specific training on these offers, but there is other information available to those who are not subscribed.

0% Commission Exchanges 

We have some brilliant 0% commission deals with brands like Smarkets and BetConnect, which means you pay no extra on winning bets. As an example, if you placed a bet on the last day of the month, you would get 30 days of 0% commission as an OddsMonkey Premium or All Access member.

Invite-only bet offers

As the matched betting world is strictly online, so is the communication involved. Something that is neglected by so many people is their emails – you could have received specific bonus offers in your email and not checked. During large sporting events like the Champions League final, or in this case, Royal Ascot, you should expect a few emails to come through with personal, invite-only offers inside. Do not miss out on these, as they could provide you with some lovely additions to your matched betting roster.

Price Boost Odds

While you may more commonly see these referred to as enhanced odds, price boosts are odds offered by bookmakers where certain horses will have their prices amped up. This is usually the case if a horse is a favourite, but the horses around it are shifting rapidly between being 2nd favourite or not – many bookies will boost selected horses in the Royal Ascot because there are many horses involved, so it is worth getting some research in.

Offers for Royal Ascot 2023

Offers provided to members of OddsMonkey Premium include the Reload Offers Dashboard. You can easily subscribe to Premium, or settle for the software on offer to regular OddsMonkey users. On the dashboard, however, you will find reload offers of the highest level, and can decide which tools would be useful for your journey with those deals.

Some of the jargon used in horse racing matched betting could become confusing, even for people who have bet on horses before and actually understand the concept. It is vital to understand some of the key phrases that are used by bookmakers and other bettors, so we will discuss some of those now.

Matched Betting Jargon for Royal Ascot 2023 

Rule 4 is where a horse is removed from any race, and this in-turn has an effect on the odds of every other horse in the race. The rule applies to any race automatically if a horse is withdrawn from it. The rule is nothing to worry about, typically, and will have no real impact on your bets.

BOG stands for Best Odds Guaranteed, another form of offer that is common during horse racing events like the Royal Ascot. The horse you back will be guaranteed to have the best odds that were offered for it at any point before the race begins – the best odds are guaranteed. Thanks to these offers, massively changing odds would not make much difference to your bets, as you are guaranteed solidified odds and can matched bet around these.

In horse racing matched betting and general betting, EP stands for Extra Place, and is another valuable offer for matched bettors. This offer allows you to place an Each Way bet and lay less than the places being offered – for example, the bookmaker is offering 3 places, you can lay the bet for 4 places. You can also use the Each Way Calculator to help with your stakes for this bet.

NR means Non-Runner, which is the incident of a horse being withdrawn from a race just before it starts. This is not to be confused with Rule 4, although it is similar. Your bet is returned if your horse is withdrawn, so you lose nothing.

Combined Liability is not a horse racing-specific offer, but it is still beneficial to learn about. These offers can be used when betting on multiple outcomes within a single event, as it decreases the liability you have to pay when placing lay bets.

Let’s look at combined liability in more detail so you can come to grips with it.

What is Combined Liability?

As a matched bettor, there are a few challenges to overcome, and one of the main ones that may be experienced is not having a large enough bankroll to cover multiple offers in a row. This is because you use a single exchange, but multiple bookmakers, so if you do not have enough money in your exchange account you may not be able to complete multiple offers in a row. Liability clauses can become very annoying and disruptive for those matched bettors who want to be efficient and consistent; they essentially force a waiting period between bets finishing and being paid out.

One huge bit of advice we can offer to everyone is to look at using combined liability. This allows multiple bets to be placed on various outcomes without the need to cover liability costs multiple times. 

And how exactly does it work?

In the basic sense, you could back multiple horses within one Royal Ascot race all to win, and lay all of them individually on the exchange. This would, of course, be very expensive because you would be covering various amounts of liability in separate expenses. However, because only one horse can actually win the race, the exchange technically only needs to hold liability for one horse!

Using funds to cover the top liability – the horse with the highest amount needed to protect its loss – you are also covered for every horse underneath it. If the favourite wins, you are covered in liability, but any other horse can win and you are still covered.

How do I activate combined liability?

There is nothing difficult to do or any steps to take in order to activate combined liability – exchanges automatically apply it when you have multiple lay bets in your bet slip at one time. The only step you need to take is to place your bets as you usually would, and the rest is done for you by the exchange. You will see the liability balance rise and fall 

Members can watch a further explanation video about combined liability, so we recommend you sign up for the OddsMonkey Free Trial now and get involved. There is so much useful information hidden within our articles!

Get yourself prepared for 2023’s Royal Ascot: Here’s all you need to know

  1. Make sure all of your accounts are ready, verified, and funded

You have no reason to wait until the Royal Ascot begins to start completing your welcome offers. You can start at any time, and it would arguably be more beneficial to get started early in order to raise your overall funds to use during the event. Matched betting requires funds in multiple accounts, so you would be wise to start increasing them in various accounts early. Most bookmakers will actually cancel their Royal Ascot offers for matched betting as the time grows very near, so you will save yourself stress and risk of losing out by getting stuck in sooner rather than later. Efficiency and proactivity is key!

  1. Sort out your KYC 

Know Your Customer is part of the sign-up process on many online bookmakers. Often referred to as KYC, it can become a hassle if you wait too long to complete it. KYC is essentially proof of identity so that the bookmakers can confirm who they are allowing on their sportsbook.

  1. Bankroll Collection

Having sufficient funds is a crucial aspect of successful betting, as it allows you to cover both sides of the wager. With the addition of liability, it’s important to be aware of where your money is, how it’s divided, and how much you can expect to spend and receive from each side of the bet. Depositing on bookmakers and exchanges is typically a quick process, making it easy to complete. As you delve deeper into matched betting at Royal Ascot, it’s wise to have your funds spread across multiple bookmakers, but it’s important to keep track of where your money is located. To optimise your bankroll usage, you may want to explore combined liability as discussed earlier, especially if your funds are limited. This will enable you to participate in more offers while making the most of your bankroll.

For more advice on bankroll, you can check out our very useful article on The Importance of Bankroll Management in Matched Betting.

Pro OddsMonkey Tip: The earlier you place your matched betting bets for the Royal Ascot, the better your odds will be. If your horse is withdrawn or becomes a Non-Runner, you get your stake back anyway, so where’s the harm in getting stuck in early!

  1. Marketing preferences must be set properly

A large majority of the offers we have spoken about here, and the ones offered at OddsMonkey, are available to most bettors. Some bookies send specific ones to people, as we mentioned when talking about email marketing earlier. Your preferences must be set correctly in order to receive the best offers as soon as they are made available. 

  1. Be organised

Being organised and keeping track of all of your bets and funds is a very important step to successful matched betting, not only for Royal Ascot, but for all other sports and events, too. Many experienced matched bettors started out without creating any sort of organisation, and would agree that they would have been more successful in the early stages if they had done so. Creating a spreadsheet or just generally keeping track of your spending is very important.

  1. Remember to have fun! 

When you think about the most common mistakes to avoid while matched betting, one of the most important factors is to remember to keep your betting fun and enjoyable. Getting carried away with money and wanting to always be profitable can cause some serious issues, whether it’s to your strategy, or even to your mental health. It is important to remember that, while the risk is removed thanks to matched betting on Royal Ascot races, you are still gambling and can still become addicted.

Matched Betting FOMO

Are you plagued by the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) when it comes to matched betting at Royal Ascot? It’s understandable to feel anxious about missing out on potentially profitable offers, but it’s crucial to remember that human error is always a possibility. Matched betting should be a safe way to supplement your bankroll, rather than a source of stress or anxiety. If you find yourself becoming too invested in the process, it may be wise to take a break.

One helpful strategy is to establish a routine for your matched betting activities. Set aside a specific time frame each day to focus solely on placing bets and checking balances, and avoid checking outside of this designated time period. This can help you feel more in control of your betting activities and prevent them from taking over your entire day.

If you’re interested in more general horse racing betting tips, we offer a comprehensive guide on our website to help you navigate the intricacies of the sport. In the meantime, we wish you a fantastic and successful Royal Ascot 2023. Remember to approach matched betting with caution, and always prioritise responsible gambling practices.

For more matched betting guides and additional information please check out our dedicated matched betting blog.


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