Blackjack Strategy Calculator

The casino world has only had a few constants since the establishment of these venues, with one of these being blackjack. This card game has been a fan favourite ever since originating back in France in , with the game pitting players against the dealer as opposed to one another like it does with poker. Blackjack itself has various different odds relating to different hand values and a number of side bets that could be utilised, however, it is important to have a strategy in order to be effective at the game in general.

However, this is where the blackjack strategy calculator here at OddsMonkey could come into play. This could help you understand how to play the game better as well as letting you know when you should stand, hit based on hand values.

What Is Blackjack Strategy Calculator

In the most straightforward of terms, a blackjack strategy calculator is a tool that can help users understand when to hit and when to stand when playing online blackjack. This easy to use piece of software allows players to understand the best possible strategic decisions to take based on their hand values. By taking these simple pieces of information into consideration, it calculates the optimal play so that players can make more informed betting decisions when playing blackjack.

If you are looking for more information on the optimal plays in blackjack, then check out our Blackjack Cheat Sheet.

How To Use A Blackjack Strategy Calculator

Like we have already mentioned, the blackjack strategy calculator is a simple to use and easy to understand piece of software. In order for this calculator to accurately run its algorithms, there are only a select few pieces of information required. These include:

  • The dealer's card.

  • The players 1st and 2nd dealt cards.

  • Whether or not the dealer stands or hits on a soft 17.

  • Whether or not a surrender is allowed.

From here, the blackjack strategy calculator will recommend the player to either stand or hit depending on their hand. If a hit is recommended, the player can then input their next card value into the blackjack strategy calculator in order to determine whether to take another card or to stand. In addition to this, the blackjack strategy calculator can also recommend for a player to split a hand should the two cards that are initially dealt be of the same number or royal.

This ease of use applies to all other betting calculators housed here at OddsMonkey, with all of these being user friendly and easy to understand, all whilst being extremely effective, informative and accurate.

Why Use A Blackjack Strategy Bet Calculator

One of the main reasons for using the blackjack strategy calculator is the insight it offers for each hand of blackjack. Although blackjack is completely a game of chance, this tool can allow users to make more informed decisions by taking into consideration the probabilities of going bust and hitting blackjack with both the players and dealers hands. This means that you could play the game of blackjack more strategically by utilising the algorithm's suggestions as opposed to just basing your decisions on pure instinct.

Not only can the blackjack strategy calculator teach players how to play blackjack smarter, but it will also potentially eliminate any errors that could be made. By calculating the best possible option for winning a hand of blackjack, it will tell you what the next move should be, once again based on probabilities as opposed to your own inclination.

Who Can Use The Blackjack Strategy Bet Calculator?

Now that you are aware of what a blackjack strategy calculator is, how it is used and the benefits it offers, you may be wondering who exactly could use this tool. Simply put, anyone who wishes to play online blackjack could use the blackjack strategy calculator. The ease of use and simplistic layout that it presents means that there are no obstructions in order to understand it. What's more, it does not only apply to new blackjack players either, with experienced ones also being able to utilise the benefits it presents in order to maybe assert a more data driven playing style.

However, although the blackjack strategy calculator can be used by all different levels of players, it is worth noting that you can likely only use this should you be playing blackjack solely online. A majority of casinos do not and would not allow for a player to openly use their mobile phones when playing at a casino table or machine, nevermind if they knew it was a blackjack strategy calculator that would theoretically reduce the houses chances of winning.

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