2up Offers – Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2up?

2up is a popular matched betting offer where the bookmaker pays out early if the team you backed to win scores 2 consecutive goals ahead of the other team.

Note: 2 consecutive goals ahead. So if the score is 1-1, your team needs to get to 3-1 before it’s a 2up payout as it needs to be 2 goals ahead and they need to be one after the other.


What bookies offer 2up?

The main bookies that offer 2up are Bet365, Sky Bet and Paddy Power.

Do note that both Bet365 and Sky Bet have special markers for 2up so make sure to bet on these to qualify.


How do I pick a team to back?

The best thing to do is to find high profile matches and a team that has a low qualifying loss. You can use the OddsMonkey 2up matcher, available for all Premium members. 


What types of odds shall I go for?

It’s ideal not to go for anything lower than odds of 1.7 as anything lower than that isn’t great value. You’ll need a big stake to make this worthwhile. The sweet spot is somewhere between 1.7-3.

Higher odds are very profitable but teams that have high odds don’t normally go 2up. If they do, they’re very profitable.


How many 2ups shall I do?

Like any offer, don’t hammer it. The bookies that offer 2up are valuable accounts so you don’t want to lose these too quickly. The best time to do 2ups is generally on the weekends as this is when the highest profile matches are played. This will mean better options and also means you’re more likely to look like a punter. Make sure to not do more than 2-3 with any given bookie at once.


What type of qualifying loss shall I go for?

The key is the lower the better. Ideally nothing less than a 97% match. If you can find closer, even better but try to keep the losses well down as it can really add up if you don’t get many 2ups or full turnarounds for a while.

So for a £100 stake, we don’t want the QL to exceed £3.


What stakes shall I place?

If you have a new account, I suggest to take it slow and steady, build the stakes and betting patterns slowly. Start with low stakes, high profile leagues, and less bets, then extend it slowly. You’d stick out like a sore thumb if you start with £10 and then shoot to £200 the next. 


Can I cover the teams on both sides?

You can, as long as the odds and QLs work and you USE DIFFERENT BOOKIES. Never back both sides at the same bookie. 


What are the strategies?

Watch this video here about the 2up strategies

How do I choose a strategy?

Select the strategy that you’re most comfortable with and that suits your bankroll. If you pick a strategy and stick to it no matter what, the expected value over time is the same for all the strategies. Some people prefer variance and then a big payout when a full turnaround happens. Others prefer smaller but more regular winnings. Do note that waiting for a full turnaround method will require a higher bankroll. 


How do I trade out?

When your team has gone 2up, this is when the bookie pays you out the winnings. Do make sure to check that the winnings have been paid out before trading out.

When trading out, it is absolutely recommended to use the early payout calculator. We don’t advise just cashing out at the exchange. This is because it will make the calculations of your profits more complicated but can also trade out more than what you want.

If you have lay bets on that team or other offers and you cash out, the exchange will cash out everything in that market.

The early payout has its benefits as it trades just the portion you need for the 2up offer, it tells you your position before you trade out (makes calculating profits easy) and it helps you do partial cash outs if that’s your strategy.

Is 2up a guaranteed profit offer?

It is not, unfortunately. But it is profitable over time.

Even if your team goes 2up, it’s not guaranteed that this will mean that’ll make a profit. This is because when the goals take place in the match impact the trade out value. So if the 2up happens early in the game, this will mean decent profits because there’s still a while in the game for the other team to come back. This is reflected in the back odds at the exchange when you want to trade out.

However, if the 2up happens late in the game, there’s very little chance for the other team to come back and so this is also reflected in the back odds at the exchange and normally very little profit and sometimes not any at all.

So the time of the goals is important to factor in.

Can 2up be done on gubbed accounts?

Sadly not.

Start making profits now for free!

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