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Beginner’s matched betting diary: where to start & how to make money.

December 9th, 2016 Beating the Bookies, Beginner, Interview, Matched Betting, OddsMonkey Community, Sports Betting

Starting anything new can be a little bit scary at first – it is the unknown, afterall. But somehow, all it can take to make us feel a bit more confident is reading the experiences of someone who tried it first!

It’s the same with matched betting…OddsMonkey members have access to loads of training guides and offer walkthroughs, designed specifically to help you make money online. However, we’ve found that conversations in the Community can really help people along just as much as the guides do.

That’s why we decided to ask OddsMonkey Premium member, Cupcake, if we could share the first month of his matched betting diary with you. Within days of joining OddsMonkey, Cupcake (not his real name) started a thread in the Community where he could post updates, ask questions and share his thoughts.

It’s been great to see Cupcake’s journey since he joined in August. Below, you’ll see some excepts. To read his first month, just download our free Beginner’s Matched Betting Diary or to find out how he’s doing now, sign up to OddsMonkey Premium and swing by the Community.

Beginner’s Matched Betting Diary:

Day 1

Hi everyone. Just used some of my first day winnings to sign up here. Been doing this since Saturday just gone, and it’s going ok at the moment. Keeping my focus on the low value new account offers to build up my stake at the moment. Just opened my 4th new account this morning and placed my qualifying bet.

Ricky_Oddsmonkey @Cupcake:
Welcome aboard. If you need any help or advice along the way we are here to help.

Cupcake @Ricky_Oddsmonkey:

Thanks for that. I’m trying to make sure I do all the new account sign up offers, and then work on making it an on going residual thing.

Day 2

So I’ve got my first allocation of the free bets from [bookmaker]. A £5 free bet, however the OddsMatcher isn’t really showing anything other than a few horse races to use it on at the moment.

BBT @Cupcake:
Horse races will give you the quicker returns to build your bank up, but the bet will have an expire date, so there isn’t a rush provided it’s still in date.

Cupcake @BBT:
Should still be in date as I’ve only just received it. The bet slip isn’t all that clear on how to apply the free bet though rather than have it come out of my remaining balance.

BBT @Cupcake:
If I recall if you scroll down to the bottom of the betslip there is a box to apply free bet?

Cupcake @BBT:
Got it. I’ve put the £5 free bet on the 17:00 at Rippon on Kisumu to win. Got if for 12.0 at the bookie and layed it at 13 with Smarkets. Should be a £4.16-ish return.

BBT @Cupcake:
There ya go, now to sit back and wait for the money to roll in…

Cupcake @BBT:
Do one of those a day for the next 3 days to use up my free bets.
Should build that pot up so I can start going for some slightly bigger prizes.

Day 8

Just logged into my [bookmaker] new account and I now have the 3 x £10 free bets, so that’s £80 of free bets to use now in total from this week’s new accounts. Need to make sure I use them before they expire. This week has been a bit quieter to start than last week, but I feel like the end will be good with all the free bets I’ve got come through today.

Day 20

Sunday ended up being a bit busier than I had thought it would be: The free bet I had thanks to the acca came in on the exchange, so that was a 79p profit taking into account the qualifying acca bet of £10 which and the return on one of the legs at the exchange. Still small stakes doing these, but feeling better doing them.

I did my first BBL trade yesterday as well, which didn’t quite trigger the free bet, and left me with a small 50p QL.

Got another acca on the tennis, and so far that’s W-W-L 2 legs still pending.

Still feel like I need to get back on the new account offers though to carry on building my pot. Got 2 left in the BET X GET X SIGN-UP OFFERS. Got 4 left on the RISK FREE BET SIGN-UP OFFERS. I haven’t touched any of the others yet so there’s still plenty left to work through.

Find out how Cupcake got on with the rest of his first month as an OddsMonkey Premium member and download his matched betting diary now…