Football betting tips for beginners

Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the UK. And for a good reason! Not only is it the most popular sport, full stop, but the diversity of the game means that there are hundreds of different betting opportunities available. Here are some football betting tips for beginners.

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when you visit an online bookmaker for the first time/as a beginner. There’s so much to look at. Not to mention the hundreds of different markets, with many of them not being the easiest things to understand.

This is frustrating because most people get into betting because their friends are placing bets and supposedly winning. They just want to get in on a piece of the action!However, it’s important to remember that a lot of people shout about their winners from the rooftops, and keep very quiet about their losses. But the fact is, most people lose. Gambling companies aren’t multi-million pound companies for nothing.

Football betting tips for beginners

The Rise of the tipster

Because of the illusion that lots of people are making money through betting, and the fact that most people actually aren’t, this has created a business opportunity for some.

If you have even the slightest interest in online betting, the chances are you’ll have come into contact with so-called ‘expert’ tipsters on social media.

But the truth is, there are very few that are experts. They throw football betting tips out as a net to catch all those people who can be lured in by the prospect of easy money.

Did you know that many of these tipsters MAKE money when you lose?

When they supply links to a bookmaker for their followers to open an account, they receive a commission on the earnings of each customer. So why would they give tips that took money from the bookmaker, and in turn took money from their own pockets?

One of the most common strategies for football betting tips these days are rolling accas. If you break down what they’re trying to do, it is ludicrous.

A rolling acca is where you place an amount on a bet, and then if it wins, you place the original stake and winnings on the next bet, and so on.

If you’re trying to turn £10 into £1000, the odds of doing that are 99-1! Yet these tipsters think that’s a good betting strategy? They often aim for around 15 winners in a row.

Check out our post on football accumulators for more info!

Is it possible to win?

The best chance you have to make money is to ignore the football betting tips and concentrate on doing your own research. But even that is an uphill struggle.

Think of it this way: Bookmakers spend hundreds of millions each year on systems and technology to improve their profits. They employ teams of mathematicians, programmers and betting experts to fine tune their odds.

What are the chances of you and your recording of Match of The Day beating the bookies on a regular basis? Not sure? Let me tell you – they’re very small.

To make money from betting, you either need to be very lucky (and luck runs out) or work extremely hard. It is a long hard road.

Bet for fun

Realistically, this is the only way to bet. Did you know that if you did put the hours of hard work into becoming a winner, that the bookmakers would only ban you anyway?

Yes, that’s right. The betting is a fix! Once they get the hint that you aren’t a profitable customer, they will show you the door.

So really the best thing to do, is say goodbye to your money, do some research to slightly increase your chances, and just bet for fun.

It is far more fun when you pit your own football opinions against the bookmakers. Although, after a while, it can become demoralising seeing bet after bet lose.

But definitely forget the football betting tips if you value your hard earned cash.

But there are other ways to win…

There is actually one way to take money from the bookies where you eliminate any risk. Yep, no more frustrating searches for football betting tips.

The way to guarantee profits is called matched betting, and allows people to finally turn the tables on the bookie and earn regular income.

The way it works is simple. You know those free bets that the bookmakers offer to sign up with them? Matched betting allows you to turn those into cold hard cash that you can transfer straight into your bank account.

There are literally thousands of pounds worth of free bets waiting, and you can realistically turn these into cash in just a month or two.

Following on from that, bookmakers offer numerous ongoing promotions that you can take advantage of, too. This is a money maker that can replace traditional betting, and become a profitable hobby.

Oh, and it’s tax-free, too!

How to do matched betting

There are two ways you can get started on your matched betting journey, and one is a lot easier than the other.

First of all, you can go it alone. If you put in hours and hours of research and take a risk that you might make a mistake, then there are thousands of articles on Google that you can read to give you an insight. The main concern for this is that you can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information you’re reading.

The alternative is to sign up to a service that guides you through the process. We have found that by far the best service is Odds Monkey.

There is a small investment for their subscription fee, but you can realistically make this back within a day.

The great thing is that they have step by step guides which detail what you need to do to complete each of their offers. Then to top things off, they have numerous on-site tools which save hours of research.

The hard work has been done by OddsMonkey, all you need to do is follow the process.

Chances are that when your friends say they’re making money betting, this is what they’re doing.

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