How to avoid the matched betting FOMO!

Do you have the Fear Of Missing Out? Do you find yourself scrambling and rushing to do every possible offer that comes up? It is taking over your life? Do you get moody when you miss an offer?

This is a perfectly normal feeling. Especially at the start of matched betting and you can’t believe your eyes that the concept actually works! You want to make as much as you humanly can.

But the truth is, it shouldn’t be this way. Matched betting is here to help us in our day to day lives and give us a bit of an income boost in order to take some stress away. Not to add to it. It is absolutely vital to find that balance and to create that routine where we don’t feel like we need to be glued to our phone every possible second of the day.

Having a routine helps. Check the offers in the morning and perhaps during your lunch hour and in the evening when you get home from work. Give yourself a set time each day to do this and place/check your bets. Don’t check the offers outside of these days to give yourself the right balance. Offers don’t disappear as quickly as you think, unless it’s perhaps a price boost. But it’s not the end of the world if you miss them.

Comparing your profits with other members is also not advised. There are so many variables involved that it’s just impossible to do a comparison. Time, bankroll, offers etc. Someone working a full time job and doing matched betting very part time and lower bankroll will have very different profits to the person who works part time and able to put in more time and funds. It’s hard to do, I know, but focus on your own circumstances and look at the profits positively with gratitude and how much it’s helped you personally rather than compare how well you did versus someone else. You still have more than you did before. So no matter what, you’re on the up!

Take a break sometimes. It’s perfectly ok to purposely not do an offer because you want to just take a break and do something else. Don’t feel bad or guilty about that. Not all value in life is in the form of money. Sometimes, clearing your mind and putting your phone away is what’s needed and make sure you do this without any guilt. More offers will be back the next time so you can always pick it back up again. Too much of anything is never good so take some time for yourself if you feel like you need it.

So if you missed an offer, so what?! Ignore that FOMO feeling and know that you benefitted elsewhere and not all value is profit related.

All of us at OddsMonkey will be here to help you when you’re ready to jump back in!

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