How to make profit from matched betting in 2022

Matched betting isn’t a new concept. The first betting exchange was launched in 1999 and matched betting quickly grew in popularity. Those who were there at the start have fond memories of large bookmaker offers and larger profits. A lot of them have continued to make regular profits since. But there’ll always be those who claim that matched betting’s had its day. Is that actually the case? This post will show you how to make profit from matched betting in 2022.

How to make profit from matched betting in 2022

While the type, size, and number of bookmaker offers might have changed over the years, there are still lots of ways to make money from matched betting in 2022. And here at OddsMonkey, you’ll find all the techniques you need to generate a tax free second income from matched betting. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best offer types out there:

  • Sign up offers
  • Reload offers
  • Weekly bet clubs
  • 0% commission rates
  • Early pay out offers
  • Price boosts
  • Extra place offers

Sign up offers

Sign up offers are a lucrative part of matched betting. With so many bookmakers in the market, they need a way to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. That’s where ‘sign up’ or ‘welcome’ offers come in.

The offers themselves can range from a simple “bet £x and we’ll give you £x of free bets” to roll over offers. Other bookmakers have accumulator bets as their sign up offers. You can turn “bet £x, get £x” straight into cash, whereas the others can take a bit more time (and know-how) to complete. For example, with roll over offers your initial deposit is matched by a bookmaker on the condition that you spend a certain amount of money placing bets with them. Whatever the bet type, all the training, tools, and techniques you’ll need are available on OddsMonkey.

Sign up offers are the quickest way to make profit from matched betting in 2022. Remember: you can only sign up to each bookmaker once.

Reload offers

Once you’ve completed the sign up offers available it’s time to move onto reload offers. Whilst these aren’t as profitable as the sign up offers on a like-for-like basis, there’s no limit to how many reload offers you can take. Some bookmakers have offers on horse racing every day of the racing year, based on the finishing position of your horse. As well as numerous football offers and other sports, as and when high profile events are being held.

Reload offers can take many forms, including the simple “bet £x get £x” offers available as sign ups. You’ll also see “risk free” bets where your stake is returned as either cash or a free bet if it doesn’t win, or a reward for placing a bet-builder type bet. Again, everything you need to complete these bet type is available on the OddsMonkey site.

One example of a regular reload offer that many bookmakers give out is “accumulator insurance”. This is where your stake on an accumulator is refunded as a free bet if one of the legs of the acca fails for you. Using tools like our Acca Finder, you can lock in profit from the outset. Accas can generate small, but regular, locked-in profits over time. Thereby slowly, but steadily, increasing your profits as the football season progresses.

Weekly Bet Clubs

Other regular ways to make profit are the weekly Bet Clubs that many bookmakers offer. These are usually simple in so much as they require a number of bets to be placed in a given calendar week in return for a free bet to be used in the following week. Some of these need to be placed on accas or a specific sport but they’re generally quick and easy to do and can generate additional profits every week.

0% commission rates

OK, so this one doesn’t really count as an offer, but it does help your matched betting profits grow. OddsMonkey Premium members can enjoy 0% commission on the lay bets they place at BetDAQ, Smarkets and Matchbook. Saving 2% commission on all winning lay bets can really add up over time, helping the bottom line of your matched betting profits.

Early pay out offers

Early pay out offers are another vital way on how to make profit from matched betting in 2022. With these offers, the bookmaker pays out early if your chosen team go ahead by a pre-determined number of goals or points. The qualifying information will be in the offer T&Cs.

The most famous of these are the 2up football early pay out offers. Bookmakers like Paddy Power, Bet365 and StarSports offer these on a large number of football competitions. Sports such as American Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby Unions and Basketball are also covered by these types of offers.

Here’s how to do it: back and lay a team as usual. If they go ahead by the necessary amount of goals, trade out the lay on the exchange, safe in the knowledge that the bookmaker has already paid out. Or that they will upon completion of the game, regardless of the end result. By doing this you eradicate the qualifying loss incurred placing the bet and make a profit on top of that. Some users favour exiting at the desired score line (eg 2-0). Whereas others take some out at that point and then more at 2-1 or 2-2 to generate even higher profits. Whatever you choose to do, the tools and calculators on OddsMonkey will enable you to maximise profits.

Price boosts

One of the most popular methods to help your matched betting pot grow is price boosts. These are enhanced prices which allow you to back and lay the same event and make a profit regardless of the outcome. They are very popular and can cover any number of sports and events on a given day. The price boost thread on the OddsMonkey forum helps members generate steady profits every day of the week.

Extra place offers

The final main way to generate profits are extra place offers. Extra place offers are when the bookmaker is paying more place positions than the standard number on a given horse race. By backing and laying your chosen horse in the win and place markets should your horse land in the stated extra place position you find yourself in the very profitable position of winning both your back bet on the place and the lay bet on the place market also. OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Matcher will help find the best horses for these offers. It also calculates the stakes required for the two markets you need to place lay bets on.

Extra place offers are also available on golf tournaments. And these are also covered by OddsMonkey’s Extra Place tools. Golf provides a slower-paced alternative to horse racing extra place offers as the prices are a lot more static. This is great for beginners.

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