How to make a matched betting profit at Royal Ascot

Making profit at Royal Ascot is easy when you know how…Discover the perfect tools for the job when it comes to horse racing betting.

Royal Ascot is renowned for attracting some of the finest race horses in the world. Also dubbed “the Queen’s favourite week in racing“, this year’s event is expected to see up to half a dozen Royal runners, including Dartmouth, “a fast-improving winner at Chelmsford City and Chester during the spring and fancied for the Hardwicke Stakes on the fifth and final day”.

Ascot’s first day often hailed as “the best day of flat racing in the UK“. 2016’s event promises to be exciting, inviting some of the best international runners in the world.

With such fantastic entrants running in big fields, there are some exciting opportunities for some big wins. With that in mind, it’s time to talk to you a bit about two of our more advanced tools. Meet the Each Way Matcher and Racing Matcher. Although for brand new matched bettors, these tools quickly boost profits.

Making profit at Royal Ascot with OddsMonkey

Each Way Matcher

The Eachway Matcher analyses thousands of odds and each way prices from over 50 bookmakers and compares them with the opposing win and place bets from the betting exchanges to deliver win-win opportunities, whatever the outcome. This software has the potential to add an extra £300 a month to your current matched betting profits.

Excerpt from our ‘How to use the Eachway Matcher’ guide:


When you log in to the EachWay Matcher, the screen will look like the image below. At first glance it may look a bit complex, but once you have used the product a few times, it becomes relatively straightforward. Below the image, we explain what each section means.

making profit at Royal Ascot

  1. EVENT TIME – This shows when the race is due to start.
  2. DETAILS – A brief overview of the race venue and time.
  3. BET – The horse which we are looking to use in our bet.
  4. BOOKMAKER – The bookmaker we will be using to place the eachway bet.
  5. ODDS – The odds available to back the horse.
  6. WIN EXCHANGE – This is the exchange we will be using to lay the ‘win’ part of our bet.
  7. PLACE EXCHANGE – This is the exchange we will be using to lay the ‘place’ part of the bet.
  8. RUNNERS – This shows us the number of horses in the race. The numbers highlighted in red indicate races where one non-runner would result in less places being paid.
  9. RATING (%) – This is the percentage profit per bet. For example, if the rating is 106.54%, we would make a £6.54 profit per £100 bet (£50 each way).
  10. SNR (%)  – This is the percentage profit we would extract if we were using a free bet for the bet. For example, if we had a £20 free bet an the SNR (%) was 80%, we would retain 80%, or £16 in monetary terms, from our free bet.
  11. ARB RATING (%) – This shows the ‘normal’ arb rating. Ideally, we want this to be below 100% so we’re not drawing attention to our bet.
  12. MAX PROFIT – The maximum profit available based on the current liquidity which is available from the betting exchanges.
  13. OPEN CALCULATOR – This shows us all of the calculations you’ll need.

Here’s a quick example:

EWM example

As you can see, the ‘Max Profit’ is sitting above £20 for these four races. The potential for making a profit with the EachWay Matcher is fantastic.

For more details on how to use this and the other OddsMonkey tools, Premium members can find guides in the Training section or swing by the Community. Find out more about becoming a Premium member here.

Racing Matcher

The Racing Matcher has been designed to save time by finding matches efficiently, thereby ultimately increasing your matched betting profits. But how does it do this?

The key points

  • Races with offers are pre-filtered.
  • The maximum stake for the bonus is clearly highlighted.
  • The Racing Matcher automatically filters selections for the race. For example, for the Bet365 offer (which requires a horse to win at odds over 5.0), the Racing Matcher will not show any selections under 5.0.
  • The Racing Matcher takes the maximum bonus stake possible and calculates your lay stake and your qualifying loss, making it easy to quickly identify a bonus opportunity.
  • Compares the 3 main betting exchanges so that you can guarantee the best possible match.
  • Direct links to bookmaker and exchange.
  • Highlights if there may not be enough liquidity in the betting exchange.
  • Includes a handy calculator for small amendments.


RacingMatcher Ascot example

In the screenshot above, you can see that the 15:05 at Ascot has 9 bookmakers providing offers (the blue buttons at the top). Let’s take a look at the Bet365 offer in a little more detail.

Bet365 Ascot offer step-by-step

Step 1

On the Racing Matcher, click the Bet365 (£50) button. Results are shown in order from the lowest qualifying loss to the highest with the top 8 selections filtered over 2 pages.

The Racing Matcher’s layout is similar to the OddsMatcher, so it’s easy to find and place bets. However, if you’ve never seen this before, we’ll look at a brief overview below. OddsMonkey members can always find more information in our Training and Community sections.

Step 2

Once you’ve chosen your match, click on either the bookmaker or betting exchange banner to place the bet. Your lay stake is already shown. This will save time when placing the bet.

Bet365 Ascot betslip

Remember: horse racing odds can move quickly. If anything’s changed, use the calculator to make slight amendments. To do this, just click the calculator symbol between the ‘Type’ and ‘Bookmaker’ columns.

Calculator Ascot exampleIn the second selection (Psychedelic Funk), the amount (£34.00) in the column labelled ‘AVAIL’ (amount available) is highlighted in red which is to warn that there is not enough liquidity at that price to place the bet fully. In this case, you can wait until closer to the off (when there’ll be more movement and therefore more liquidity) or move onto another selection.

The final word

“Events like Royal Ascot offer a great opportunity to try out some of OddsMonkey’s awesome tools. The Daily Offer Calendar shows you upcoming offers, all rated by level of difficulty. Once you’ve chosen the offers you want to do, it’s time to pick your weapon of choice. The Each Way Matcher and Racing Matcher are perfect for this! For example, you should usually look to make around £10 a day with the Eachway Matcher. During a big meet like Ascot, £40+ per day is easily achievable.”

Peter, OddsMonkey

See what the Each Way Matcher has to offer:

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