Matched betting with gubbed accounts

You’ve just opened your inbox, and right at the top is an email from a bookmaker. But it doesn’t look like the usual offer emails you’ve been receiving. In fact, there’s no mention of daily reloads, weekly bet clubs, or exclusive offers. Instead, it’s a dreaded gubbing email! Your first thought is: is it still possible to do matched betting with gubbed accounts?

What does it mean to be ‘gubbed’?

First of all, let’s take a quick look at what it means to be ‘gubbed‘. This is a slang term used to describe restrictions or limitations being placed on bookmaker accounts. If your account is gubbed, it usually means that you’ll no longer receive or be able to use free bet bonuses and other promotional offers.

What causes accounts to be gubbed?

Bookmakers look out for unusual betting patterns. Their whole existence is centred around the house (them) winning. And they don’t like it much when they feel like they’re losing. The email will often state how the bookmaker’s trading team have carefully reviewed your account and decided to remove free bet bonuses and promotions from your account.

If a bookie gubs you, it’s possibly because your betting pattern has been flagged as taking advantage of their promotions. However, it’s not known for certain why some accounts are restricted. Bookies are unlikely to disclose the reasoning behind their decision and that it’s final. Unfortunately, jumping on Live Chat to appeal it probably won’t get you anywhere.

Can you avoid being gubbed?

Unfortunately gubbings are pretty inevitable. However, some matched bettors claim to have tips which help them stay under the radar, such as ‘mug betting‘.

Instead of fixating on being gubbed, just concentrate on how to use your accounts to profit. Use them regularly once you’ve completed the sign up offers. It’s a good idea to keep a record of the status of your betting accounts. A simple spreadsheet or notepad document will.

Matched betting with gubbed accounts

Whilst account restrictions are annoying, they don’t signal the end of your matched betting journey. Offers are obviously an important element of matched betting, but there are other ways to make money from bookmakers. This is where revisiting gubbed accounts and learning new techniques can be profitable.

OddsMonkey Premium members have access to advanced tools, techniques, and training, designed to help you continue to make money after sign up offers. As well as things like daily reload offers and each way matching, you’ll find information on how to make money from gubbed accounts with:

  • Price boosts
  • Extra places in horse racing and golf
  • ‘Bad’ each way races
  • Casino offers

Price boosts

Price boosts are enhanced odds offered by bookies on some events. Because they’re not usually exclusive to specific customers, you should still be able to take advantage of them even on gubbed accounts. OddsMonkey Premium members can find price boosts in a dedicated “No Chat” section on the Community forum. It’s a good idea to set up alerts so that you can jump on a price boost as soon as possible.

Extra places

Sometimes bookies offer extra places on events such as horse racing and golf. An extra place is when one, or more, places are added onto a bookie’s standard place classification. For example, if they usually pay on three places in a horse race, they may offer to pay the 4th position too. The fourth position is the ‘extra place’, which means that you could still win money if your horse crosses the line here.

OddsMonkey Premium members can visit dedicated daily racing and weekly golf threads on the Community forum. These threads list the bookmakers who are paying extra places. Use our Extra Place Matcher alongside these discussions to find the best value races for your gubbed accounts.

Each way races

The Each Way Matcher has been recently amended so that members can take advantage of certain situations within Horse Racing. There are many different characteristics that make up a “bad each way race.” However, this tool will direct you to the best horses in terms of value and even off very small stakes on restricted accounts, you can make vast amounts in the long run.

Casino offers

A lot of bookmakers have a casino section, as well as what is called their ‘sportsbook’. If you receive a gubbing email, it will usually only relate to your sportsbook account. This means anything to do with sporting events. You’ll still be eligible to receive and use casino offers. OddsMonkey Premium members can access our comprehensive casino guides, which explain how everything works.

You may be surprised to learn that many casino offers are ‘risk free’. This means that they’re free to play with the only cost to you being your time. Quizzes have become popular within the OddsMonkey Community, with many members enjoying winning decent prizes for 10 minutes of ‘work’ and enjoyment.

Low risk offers can also help towards your overall profits. These include simple offers such as free spins or a bonus for small amounts of wagering. It’s also worth looking at the ‘New Casino Sign Ups’ section of the OddsMonkey site, as some bookmakers will allow you to complete these even if you’ve previously completed their Sportsbook sign up.

Remember, whilst it can be frustrating to be gubbed, it doesn’t mean it’s game over. Instead, it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills. Skills that will enable you to continue to make monthly profits. And we have all the tools, training, and techniques on OddsMonkey Premium.

Start making profits now for free!

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