What is an ante post price?

What is an ante post price?

Ante Post is the term for bets placed in advance of the event. This is most commonly used on horse racing markets for bets placed before the declaration stage, which takes place at around 10am the day before the race. Punters are able to take favourable prices on these unconfirmed selections. As well as answering the question, “what is an ante post price?” this post will look at the benefits and negatives.

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What are the benefits of ante post betting?

You’ve now answered the question ‘what is an ante post price?’, so now we’ll take you onto how this market can benefit you. Ante post betting markets are a way of getting exceptional value for a horse by betting in advance.

The reason for this, is because things are unclear when the markets open. A few different factors add to this uncertainty and increase the prices of the runners.

Firstly, when you back a horse so far in advance, you have no idea whether it will be as good a horse nearer the race. It may pick up injuries or go through a bad run of form.

Plus, there is a chance the trainers may not enter it into the race you back it to win.

Another big advantage of an ante post market, is that some bookmakers do not add rule 4 deductions to your bet. In horse racing, rule 4 is where they declare a horse a non-runner after the initial declaration stage.

If you back after the declaration stage, your odds will be cut because your horse has more chances of winning.

What are the negatives of ante post betting?

The important thing to remember with ante post betting is that bookmakers do not offer refunds on non-runners. So if that horse you backed at a great price 3 months before the race does not run, then you won’t get your money back. Your bet will be declared void and you lose.

This is one of the reasons bookmakers are happy to offer huge prices in these ante post markets. They can effectively take money on selections that have zero chance!

What is an ante post price in football?

We have mainly focused on horse racing here, but you can get an ante post price in other sports too. As well as greyhound racing, ante post prices also appear in football.

It’s most typically available for big tournaments where the final participants are yet to qualify

For instance, you want to back England to win the World Cup but they haven’t yet qualified. This would be an ante post bet.

Again, the advantage of this is that there are so many unknown aspects. You have no idea who else is going to qualify, or what form the team will be in if they do qualify for the tournament.

It’s is a gamble, but as with horse racing ante post bets, it can be lucrative to take an early price.

Again, you will not get a refund of your stake if the team don’t take part in the tournament. It will be void and your bet declared a loser.

Can you make money from ante post prices?

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