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The OddsMonkey Community is home to some experienced matched bettors. Some are on the OddsMonkey team. Others are dedicated and knowledgeable Premium members. All have a mountain of information, advice and even warnings to share. We loved OddsMonkey Premium member, Bosher’s post for the High 5 offer (a William Hill horse racing promotion) and wanted to share it with you. He calls this offer “the best offer around at the moment, as it’s available every day and can bring in a lot of money every month”.

This advice is offered in good faith but the terms and conditions of all offers should be double-checked first.

Bosher’s guide for the William Hill horse racing offer, High 5

Profit potential: approximately £400+ a month

This offer runs every day of the week, so you can see why it’s a personal favourite of mine. There are two desired outcomes for when you back and lay a horse with this offer: first or second. Either wining by five lengths or more or coming second by a margin of five lengths or more. As difficult as this sounds, it’s actually pretty common in jump racing. Horses become tired near the end of a race and gaps start to open up.

My biggest advice for this offer is to take either the favourite or second favourite. For obvious reasons, they should (according to the bookies) come first and second. They won’t manage this all the time, but stick to your favourites and you’ll hit more than you don’t.

If your horse wins by 5+ lengths, you’ll receive 25% of your winnings (not your stake) as a free bet up to £100. If your horse finishes second by 5+ lengths, you’ll receive a free bet up to £25. Any race can see a High 5, but more than likely it will be the longer distance races. The longer the better! Also, there must be a minimum of 6 runners in the race for it to qualify for High 5, so a race with exactly 6 runners over 3 mile long would be perfect.

Key things to remember:

  • Don’t back more than one horse per race.
  • Keep QL’s (qualifying losses) to a minimum.
  • Longer distance races are best.
  • A minimum of 6 runners are needed to qualify.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How long does it take for them to credit your free bet?

    It usually takes around half an hour, sometimes longer on a busy day i.e. Saturdays, but be patient it will come! Note: Do not go on live chat about it unless it’s been at least a good few hours!

  2. How many horses can I back in each race?

    As many as you like, but I would suspect a quick gubbing if you’re on more than one, so my advice is to stick to one horse per race!

  3. How many free bets can I get per day?

    As many as you’re entitled to. There is no limit. Free bets will be available for 7 days.

  4. When can I bet on the races?

    Some people bet the night before. I advise against this – bookies don’t really like you to do it as they see it as taking value. If you’re going to be busy when the horse racing starts, then try get some on in the morning. Just keep checking the RacingMatcher for close matches. If you’re able to be around just before a race, then this is definitely the best time to get your bet on. However, I would only recommend doing this if you’re experienced at placing bets very quickly as the odds always shoot around just before the race starts. This is tricky if you’re not used to it, but it can usually get you very close matches.

    Use RacingMatcher on William Hill horse racing offer.png

  5. What kind of qualifying losses should I take?

    I’d say you shouldn’t be taking any more than £1.50 per race for every £25 staked. As with any form of matched betting, you need to keep your qualifying losses to a minimum so they don’t eat into your profits.

  6. Should I mug my William Hills account so I don’t get gubbed?

    I’d say yes is the answer. Throw in the odd none High 5 racing bet and maybe a couple of footy games through the week and this should keep your account looking healthy.

    (To find out more about being gubbed, check out this post.)

  7. I’ve emptied my betting exchange account and ended up with all my money in William Hill, should i withdraw?

    The answer is yes. You want to look like a punter and a punter would withdraw after a lot of successful wins. My advice would be to withdraw bigger amounts, less often.

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