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Remain favourite to win new Brexit vote

January 16th, 2018 News & Events, Press Release

Brexit is back on the agenda in 2018 with a number of politicians and campaigners asking for a new vote.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in 2016, and are due to exit in the summer of 2019.

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May pledging to stick by the vote, many believe we could see another referendum and European Council President Donald Tusk has only this week stated that the UK would be welcome to stay in the EU, if they wished.

“The odds on a second referendum are coming in and in, and clearly the Bookmakers are reacting to public opinion and money coming in,” said OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton.

“As long as 20/1 at one point, the price is now down to just 5/1 for a new referendum before the UK are due to leave in 2019.

“And if there is a new vote, the Bookies are saying that the UK would change their mind with remain a clear 1/2 favourite, ahead of leave – which was the verdict last time – at 6/4”

Selected Brexit odds:
Second EU Referendum to take place before 1st April 2019

Result of a Second EU Referendum 
6/4 leave
1/2 remain