Profit Tracker

Profit Tracker

Profit Tracker lets you track your daily, monthly and all time profits, add new entries with the click of a button and provide essential statistics so you can easily see where the majority of your profits are coming from.

It’s easy to see just how much money you’re making matched betting with the Profit Tracker. Add amounts automatically – directly from any of the OddsMonkey tools – or manually to keep track of things. You can even enter previous profits to track your earnings historically.

Key features:

  • Check out your stats.
  • Add amounts automatically or manually.
  • Drill down into tools and sports to see where you’re earning the most money.
  • Track your profit over time.

Your vital statistics

View your stats any time you want and see:

  • Your monthly profits. This can be filtered by year or specific sports.
  • Where your profits are made. Filter the month and switch between viewing which tool or which sport has generated the most money.
  • Your cumulative profit over time.


See how your matched betting efforts are paying off with the Profit Tracker. Just one of the features available in our Premium package. Click on the menu to the left to see what else is on offer.