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I have spent 5 figures worth of profits on a lot of home improvements and a trip to Zimbabwe.


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to OddsMonkey and it's members, especially on the Casino thread as that is where the vast majority of the money I've made in the last 18 months has been made! It paid of a LOT of my wedding.


Thanks again, you guys have helped me build my canal boat last year, which my partner and I have been living on for 8 months now!


Sorry to be...boring. All profits going towards Council Tax, Gas & Leccy Bills, Food Bills etc. but better than working!


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It pays for Christmas. I save my profits up every year for Christmas. It's a fantastic feeling being able to get my daughter what she asks for and not have to worry about putting it on my credit card. So glad I found OddsMonkey.


I was able to pay off a credit card, buy some necessities, make small savings, and bought mysef an electric scooter as a reward (which further cut my travel costs to almost 0). But the best part was paying for professional courses which finally broke the vicious circle of impoverishment.


New eyes! I had lens replacement surgery paid for by my matched betting profits. I hated wearing glasses and now I don't have to anymore!


So far I haven't spent any profit but using OM has enabled me to start saving for a deposit on my first house which I would never have been able to do without them so big thanks to everyone at OddsMonkey.


New kitchen and a trip to Australia paid for in 4 years of OddsMonkey.


A holiday fund for me and my partner; saving up to go on our dream holiday one day.


Just started my 5th year. Paid off all debts and bought loads of goodies. A life changer!


Bought myself an Occulus Quest 2. Quite chuffed!


Matched betting 20 months- just over £5k in total. I treat it as an addition to my pension, this has always been the plan from day one, to treat it as a pension. It's a great hobby.