Odds cut on White Christmas

Are we going to see a White Christmas in 2019? Bookmakers and forecasters believe the UK will.

An official White Christmas used to be if we saw snow fall on the Weather Centre in London, but that has now changed and can be looked at on a regional basis and it is little surprise that Scotland and Norther England are favourites.

With Aberdeen the most likely at 15/8 – whilst odds have already been cut on Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle to see snow on December 25th.

Indeed snow anywhere on Christmas Day is now odds-on at 10/11.

OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton commented: “The recent cold snap has seen a lot of money come in for a White Christmas and forecasters do believe some parts of the country will see snow on December 25th.

“Such has been the extent of the number of punters, that Bookmakers have cut a White Christmas to odds-on.”

White Christmas Odds
Snow anywhere in UK – 10/11
Aberdeen – 15/8
Edinburgh – 5/2
Glasgow – 5/2
Newcastle – 3/1
Birmingham – 9/2
Dublin – 5/1
Belfast – 5/1
Liverpool – 6/1
Manchester – 6/1
London 9/1
Cardiff – 10/1

*Odds correct at time of writing

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