Premier League Pounds v Points – who spent best in the summer?

With the Premier League at the half-way point and with the January window nearly upon – what better time to assess how the Premier League clubs performed in the summer’s transfer window…

OddsMonkey has looked into the figures to see just who spent wisely…and who didn’t!

It is little surprise to many that league leaders Liverpool come out on top as they spent relatively little in the summer, but not far behind for relegation threatened Norwich.

Crystal Palace’s excellent start to the season sees them as high as third.

At the bottom, it no surprise to see big summer spenders Aston Villa some way adrift at the bottom given their poor start to the campaign – next come Everton and Arsenal and is a clear indicator of why both have just appointed new managers.

Then come Manchester United – again highlighting their general struggles this term.

Premier League Points v PoundsPoints per game averageSummer spend (Millions)Value (point average divided by summer spend)
Norwich City0.661.10.6
Crystal Palace1.27110.11
Sheffield United1.55430.036
Leicester City2.16910.023
Wolverhampton Wanderers1.5650.023
AFC Bournemouth1.0545.70.022
Newcastle United1.38650.021
Brighton & Hove Albion1.1158.50.018
Manchester City2.11134.80.015
Tottenham Hotspur1.44101.50.014
West Ham United1.11780.014
Manchester United1.381480.0093
Aston Villa0.83144.50.0057

OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton commented: “Given Liverpool spent little in the summer, it was no surprise to see them being the best team when it comes to Point x Pounds and the same with Norwich as they also – but not sure many people anticipated the likes of Crystal Palace to be riding high.

“At the other end and Aston Villa’s big spending in the summer and has not translated into points, and that is why they are firmly in the relegation battle, and just above them the evidence is there as to why both Everton and Arsenal chose to change their managers in the last month.”

Odds correct at time of writing

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