World Cup 2018 sweepstake kit: Download yours here

As i’m sure you’re fully aware, but just in case you’ve had your phone off for a while, the World Cup is just around the corner! The first match kicks off on the 14th June with Russia vs Saudi Arabia. 

I know we’re all expecting England to win (right?), but even if they don’t, we’ve created a sweepstake for you and your mates to use to keep the games exciting, so even if we do get knocked out, you can still be a winner.

How to run an office sweepstake:

  1. Download and print out your OddsMonkey World Cup sweepstake kit, carefully cut out the names, fold them up and pop them in a bowl (or anything else you have lying around the office).
  2. Use the second page of the kit to keep a record of who’s picked which team, so no one can fiddle the scores!
  3. Set the stake (£1, £2, £5 or more – depending on the size of your group) and make sure you collect the money before the match. The whole idea of the sweepstake is that there’s a winner, so make sure there’s a prize too!

Download your sweepstake kit here

Random picker

If you need an argument-free way of picking teams, we’ve also creating a random picker, which generates a team at random (hence the name) so it’s completely fair.

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