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Bookmaker problems and what to do when things go wrong

Have you ever encountered any bookmaker problems when matched betting? Like, have your funds been withheld for no reason despite your account being verified? Has a bookie confiscated your winnings without explaining why? Have you ever won a bet fair and square but the bookie refused to pay out?


Then this post is for you.

Bookmaker problems

Bookmaker problems come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some are easily fixed while others can take a bit of work. Some others are best left alone. Here at OddsMonkey, we take ‘problematic’ bookies seriously. If we see a particular pattern of behaviour from a bookmaker, we would generally put out a warning and/or take the decision to not post their offers. We also have a list of bookmakers to avoid.

That’s if there are widespread complaints about a particular bookie. But there are times when some members may have an experience different from the majority. In these cases, it’s important to know what steps you can take to get issues resolved as easily and quickly as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common bookmaker problems and how you can fix them.

Free bets and verification

Minor issues such as not getting your free bet credited or having an account suspended due to the verification are easy to sort. Simply contact the customer support team at the bookie. You’ll be able to do this via the bookie site.

Although bookmakers are meant to do verification checks at account opening, many rarely do. Just make sure to have all the required documentation at account opening and email them through to avoid any hassle later on.

Refusing custom

Unfortunately, bookies are well within their rights to close or refuse to take custom from anyone. Without having to give an explanation. But what they can’t do is hold on to funds without just cause or operate outside the guidelines of their license. It’s important to know exactly what your rights are so that you know whether you have a legitimate case to bring forward.

Withholding funds

Withholding funds or confiscating winnings and deposits without valid cause or proof are another matter. These are bigger issues. Bookies have a legal requirement to satisfy money laundering laws. Therefore, additional checks are done. But if these checks are satisfied and funds are still withheld despite escalating the issue, you need to consider taking matters further. Perhaps even to a third party.

Who can I contact about bookmaker problems and my rights?

If anything like this happens to you, you’ll need to contact an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADRS). The main ones are Resolver, Ecogra, and IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service).

Bookies in the UK have to follow the rules of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the terms of their licenses. It’s important to understand what these terms are so that you can fight back when or if a bookie starts to behave outside the rules.

Luckily, these bookmaker problems don’t come up often but it’s good to know how to fight back.

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