I’ve been gubbed! Now what?

Once you’ve been gubbed by some of the major bookmakers, it may feel like your matched betting journey has come to an end and you ask yourself the question: can I still make a profit?

Good news…the answer is YES!

In this post, we’ll explain what can you do if you are gubbed and/or stake restricted from the majority of bookmakers and how to make money online should this occurs.

1. Check all of your bookmaker accounts and make a list of your gubbings and restrictions. It helps to know what your restrictions are at each bookie.

2. Check the welcome offers listed on OddsMonkey and make sure you signed up to every bookie listed. Bookmakers come and go so there’s a high possibility that there’s a new sign up offer that you may have missed.

3. Check the reload offers list and do every offer you’re eligible for. Some bookmakers still allow you to do price boosts if you’re not stake restricted. If you are restricted, you can underlay the boost and hope it wins for profit.

4. Extra Places: Gubbings generally don’t affect EPs at most bookies. Check the daily EP list in the OddsMonkey Community. Even if you are stake restricted, you can make profit from EPs.
Sky 2ups are not affected by gubbings. Unfortunately the odds are worse than what other bookies offer but you’ll be able to find some good matches. Just keep your eyes on the matcher.

5. Arbing: if you can’t find any other profitable uses of your gubbed accounts, then you can arb them. You’ll likely to get stake restricted but it’s still good to take the money while it’s there. Set up a filter on the OddsMatcher and take as many arbs as you can.

6. Sharbing: If you’re gubbed by a bookie online it doesn’t mean you can’t make profit by physically going into the betting shops. Keep an eye on the daily Sharbing post in our Facebook Group and pop into the shops!

7. Casino: If you are gubbed from the sports side of a bookie, that doesn’t automatically mean that you’re gubbed from their casino section. Casino offers have a variance but if you have the right mindset and follow the guides, these offers can make you nice profit in the long term.

8. OddsMonkey’s referral a friend scheme: you can earn £20 after every new member that subscribes to our Premium membership using you unique referral link. After their second monthly payment is successful we will pay you £20! Just make sure you share your PayPal details with us and spread the word!

Happy profiting!

Start making profits now for free!

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