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Matched Betting Casino Offers: How To Make A Profit

Low-risk casino offers are a great way to boost your matched betting profits if they are utilised correctly. They’re not always risk-free but you can look for ones with +EV (positive expected value). This means that you have the theoretical edge over the house and the odds are in your favour. 

Even if you are not guaranteed a profit each time, sticking true to this strategy could potentially return profits in the long run. This is just one example of the matched betting casino offers out there, with there being a whole host of alternative ones that you could learn in order to lock in margins of profit if applied correctly.

Types Of Matched Betting Casino Offers

There is a whole plethora of different bookmakers and online casinos out there nowadays, and in turn, there are now more matched betting casino offers which you could potentially take advantage of than ever before. Each of these works in their own way, offering differing incentives, however, by understanding how each of these work and some strategies related to them, they could prove useful for your matched betting endeavours.

Online Slot Offers

Online slot machines are a popular form of casino games that are often tied into promotions and matched betting casino offers. These can take different forms such as  your typical free spins, or a deposit and wager type of bonus.

Slot offers can vary significantly, so it is absolutely crucial that you read the T&Cs of individual ones to understand what requirements need to be hit. For example, some online casino slot offers will use a customer’s cash before the bonus funds and vice-versa, therefore, taking notes of these things is important.

Similarly, it’s important to check the wagering requirements for individual slot offers. For example, if an offer has a 10x wagering on winnings, this means that if you won, say £5, you would then need to play through £50 on spins to convert winnings to cash. You can do spins on the slot and use any winnings as you go along to spin those until either:

  1. You complete £50 worth and the rest is yours to keep as profit,
  2. or you ‘bust’. In this instance, you are done with the offer. It’s time to stop with this offer. Don’t add cash to complete a wagering requirement.

RTP And Variance

Matched betting casino offers on OddsMonkey will often suggest the use of specific slots. This is because different slots have a different RTP (Return To Player). For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, this is the % on average that is expected to be paid back to the player if the game is played infinitely. So if you played X amount on a slot infinitely, you would expect to get 96% of that back over time as winnings, giving the casino a 4% edge.

Sometimes, you could be way up and other times, you may be way down but overall lose 4% of your stake. If a casino offer is listed as a +EV, this means that the offer covers this 4% edge and more. This theoretically gives the edge to you instead of the casino.

‘Swings’ in casino offers are called ‘variance’. A slot can have a 96% RTP, which is good but have high variance. This means that you may not collect winnings regularly on the slot but potentially win higher amounts if you manage to hit a win. On the contrary, a low variance slot is one that pays out lower amounts and more often.

You can reduce the variance on the slot and increase your chances of getting the expected RTP by doing ‘minimum stakes and maximum lines’. This way, you get more spins for your money and more chances to win your money back. OddsMonkey Premium members can learn more about this technique in our casino guides and on our casino matched betting blog.

On matched betting casino offers related to slots, we can work out an expected value for the offer based on the slot RTP and the wagering requirements. If the expected value is positive then the offer is worth doing as over time you should make money in the exact same way the bookie does on slots but you have to be willing to trust the maths and ride the variance. Sometimes you will lose money on slot offers but over the long haul, you could make money if the expected value is in your favour. To ensure this, you could potentially use the expected value calculator, just one of the many betting odds calculators we have on site.

Bookmaker Restrictions And Slot Offers

Even if you are sports offer-restricted by a bookmaker, you will usually still be able to do slot offers. This is because they want to encourage people to play slots and other casino games as much as possible. That is because the maths is in their favour. For example, if playing a 95% slot and we bet £10, they are going to make 50p on average. Over millions of spins and thousands of players, this adds up to a small fortune. It’s not a gamble for them.

Matched betting casino offers, in combination with sports betting promotions, are a great way to potentially increase your profits by applying the matched betting strategy correctly. This is because sports promotions could help cover any potential loses if you’re having downswings on the casino offers.

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