Matched betting routine: do you need one?

Having a matched betting routine can help you to earn consistent profits. Should you matched bet every day, a few days a week, or is once a week enough? Whilst the beauty of matched betting is that it can be flexible, the more regularly you do it, the quicker you’ll see your profits grow.

Matched betting routine suggestions

Your matched betting routine can be a daily or weekly routine but it should be something you look to keep quite regular.

Sign up offers

If you’re new to matched betting, your main focus should be working through the list of bookmaker sign up offers. At the time of writing, there’s about £1000 worth of value waiting for you there…

Aim to do 2 or 3 sign up offers a week. Not only will you see your efforts turn into real profit, but you’ll also learn a load of new matched betting skills. These will be invaluable throughout your matched betting journey.

Once you’ve opened accounts with a number of bookmakers, you’ll be eligible for their ongoing/reload offers. This is where your matched betting routine can really hit its stride.

OddsMonkey Premium members have a range of tools, guides, and threads at their fingertips. For example, when you log in to your Premium account, your Dashboard will show you what’s going on.

Reload offers

Your Dashboard is split into sections, such as: ‘Reload’ and ‘Weekly Bet Club’. Underneath each heading, you’ll see some information, eg: “You have 46 ongoing offers worth £57 in the next 7 days”.

As part of your matched betting routine, look to spend an hour or two a day or week working through these offers. Prioritise the offers based on things like:

  • their value,
  • ‘guaranteed profit’ status,
  • or your own criteria.

Check emails for invite-only offers

These are also ongoing or reload offers that bookmakers give out in order to keep their existing customers. However, you’re only eligible if you receive an invite. Bookmakers can send these out daily, so it’s worth checking your inbox every morning if you can. To receive offer emails or texts, you’ll need to have your marketing preferences set accordingly. Log into your bookmaker accounts to do this if you declined to receive them wen you signed up.

As you become more confident with the different offer types and your bankroll grows, you can schedule your matched betting routine accordingly. Do what works for you!

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