How to place an each way bet: step by step

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so the saying goes. And there’s also more than one way to bet on a horse. That one’s less graphic, so let’s focus on that. This post will show you how to place an each way bet on a horse race.

Placing an each way bet is easy, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Before that though, what exactly is an each way bet?

What is an each way bet: a quick overview

An each way bet is two equal bets that are combined to make one bet: a WIN bet for the horse to win, and a PLACE bet for the same horse to finish in one of the places. This is where the term ‘each way’ comes from. The places are usually the first 3 or 4 horses to finish depending on how many runners there are in the race.

To find out more, read our full post on each way betting.

For a step-by-step guide on how to place an each way bet, though, please read on…

How to place an each way bet

This example is based on placing an each way bet on Betway.

Step 1

Log in to Betway.

place an each way bet

Step 2

Because each way betting is mostly done on horse racing, that what you need to check out. To do this, click ‘Horse Racing Daily Cards’ in the ‘Quick Links’ section. You’ll find this on the left hand side of the landing page.

Step 3

This is the dedicated horse racing page. Click on ‘Today’ in the middle of the page to see today’s races. Scroll down the page to see the race meetings and times.

Step 4

Then, choose your race:

In this example, I’ve chosen the 15.35 at Newmarket, (the 2000 Guineas Stakes). Other information shown includes:

  • the ‘going’ (the condition of the ground),
  • the distance of the race,
  • the current each way odds
  • and the number of places paid out.

At the bottom of the image, there’s an offer from the bookmaker: “Money Back 2nd”. This means that you’ll get your money back if your horse finishes 2nd:

 They’re also offering ‘Enhanced Place Terms’ of 1/4 odds for horses that finish in the first 3 places. There are 10 runners in this race so normally the place odds would be 1/5.

For more information on places and runners, check out our full guide to each way betting.

Step 5

Next, choose a horse:

The selection for this example is No. 6: Lancaster Bomber, at odds of 21.00. Other information shown here includes:

  • the trainer’s name,
  • the jockey’s name,
  • the horse’s age,
  • the weight it’s carrying
  • and its recent form.

Step 6

Click the price button and a bet slip will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 7

Take a closer look at the bet slip:

Enter you stake (the amount you want to bet) in the empty box. I’ve entered £5.00.

Because this is an each way bet, there’ll be a tick in the E/W box. If it isn’t, just click it. The ‘x2’ indicates that the bet is now made up of 2 x £5 bets: 1 x £5 bet to win and 1 x £5 bet to place.

In other words, your total stake is £10 (£5 each way).

The total estimated returns of £5 each way, at odds of 21.00, are £135.

They’re only estimated because the exact amount depends on the outcome of the race. If the horse wins, you’ll get paid out on both the win and place parts of the bet. In this example, I’ll receive £135 in returns. However, if the horse doesn’t win but still manages to place, you’ll only get paid out on the place part of the bet.

Step 8

Click the ‘Place Bets’ button and a confirmation message will appear.

There you go – now you know how to place an each way bet.

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