What Is A Rollover Bonus?

Bookmakers are always coming up with different bonuses and new ways to play. When it comes to the rollover system and rollover bonuses specifically, there are plenty of different requirements and regulations to get your head around before attempting to make the most of these bonuses. Here, we will be looking at how the rollover bonus could affect you and what it might mean for your betting experience.

Rollover Bonus Explained

Rollover Bonus offers are when the bookmaker will offer you a bonus that is set against predefined criteria. Usually this is the requirement to place a certain amount of bets or stake a certain amount before you can withdraw any potential profits. These bonuses are normally stake returned meaning that you receive your stake back alongside any returns, unlike  when the stake is kept and the player only receives the profits. 

These rollover bonuses are not only unique deals, but also very time-consuming as well. With every rollover bet potentially eating into your profits, completing these bonuses as quickly and effectively as possible is advised in order to get the best expected value from it. 

Make sure to read all the rollover bonus requirements as most are unique in their registrations. These might not be too similar to each other as they all require different amounts to wager throughout their lifespan. As a result of this, ensuring you have enough funds for the bonus in the set time period is crucial. Completing the bonus as quickly as possible would be the most ideal outcome as every rollover bet could affect your bankroll, meaning the less bets you make, the bigger the potential profit. 

With time limits and stake requirements, we will go through some of the examples later to ensure you fully understand how the rules of rollover bonuses could affect your overall experience.

Rollover Bonus Terms & Conditions

Some of these bonuses do not allow certain bets or sports, as some bookmakers ban horse racing from these rollover bonuses. If this is the case, football betting would still count towards the bonus, but horse race betting would not. This does not mean the player cannot bet on the horses at all, it just will not apply to the specific bonus at hand. 

These rollovers bonuses are essentially used to protect the bookmakers who offer them. Without rollovers, players would theoretically be able to sign up, claim bonuses and then leave. These bonuses will make players stick to the site due to players working towards the bonus instead of just claiming free ones and leaving for another bookmaker or sportsbook site with their own free bonuses. 

Rollover Bonus Examples

To help explain how rollover bonuses work, we will use a theoretical example first, followed by looking at some real world bookmaker examples.

For the theoretical one, let’s say you sign up with a bookmaker that offers a 100% deposit match bonus that goes up to £100 and has a 5x rollover requirement. You deposit £100 into the account meaning the bookmaker will then match it with another £100, totalling in £200 in the account all together. 

With the rollover requirement being 5x, you would need to stake a total of 5 times the combined amount of the deposit and bonus which would be £1000, as 5 x £200 = £1000. In conclusion, you are required to place bets totalling to £1000 before you would be allowed to withdraw any bonus funds or potential returns that are associated with this bonus.

Moving onto a real life example, 10Bet has a rollover offer currently on their site. If you deposit £50 and use the promo code ‘SPORT’, you could receive a 100% bonus of £50. Both the deposit and bonus must be turned over 8x which comes to £800 in total. This specific offer highlights why terms and conditions must be checked as this requires all the wagering to be made within 60 days of registering for the offer. 

Rollover Bonuses At OddsMonkey 

To check other offers, you can find the best sports betting and casino promotions on OddsMonkey. Whilst these rollover bonuses may not seem ideal, they are common throughout the online casino and betting world in order to try and keep players active with an incentive. 

With all the talk of bonus requirements and qualifying for your winnings, it can all get quite confusing. Be sure to check out our betting guides or our betting calculators on site to ensure you are getting the best out of your betting experience.

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