What Are Enhanced Odds Offers?

Enhanced Odds are all about changing the odds of markets in which bettors can place stakes on, usually multiplying them or increasing them via some form of promotional offer. These bonuses often come in tandem with sign up offers for first-time players and are also offered throughout the year to existing customers depending on the bookmaker. 

Enhanced Odds offers are typically branded in their own way, with examples being ‘Price Boosts’ or ‘Power Ups’; even with different names, they are essentially the same thing, with the basis remaining consistent regardless of the bookmaker. Here at OddsMonkey, we will go through all that you need to know about enhanced odds, how they work specifically, and even how they could be applied in a strategic manner.

How Do Enhanced Odds Offers Work?

These Enhanced Odds offers can work in multiple different ways, with this all depending on the bookmakers and sportsbooks that are offering these respective bonuses. First-time users may have the option to bet on whatever they want for their first bet, with the bonus in question only applying to their first bet on the site. Sometimes, offers are already made and targeted at new players, meaning the player still needs to get a free choice of what to bet on and will still be given a bonus that existing customers cannot get. Other conditions will likely be in place, such as a maximum stake and limits to the enhanced odds only allowing them to be used on single bets, not multiple bets. Despite this, using a single bet calculator can still be extremely beneficial should the former be the case with one of these promotions.

More commonly, however, enhanced odds offers are used for particular sporting events, with the bet with the increased odds already being decided by the bookmaker. This means the player does not have any choice in what they bet on, only if they are going to take the offer or not. Make sure to look through the terms and conditions of these offers to ensure you know what you are betting on, how much you are able to stake, and what the potential outcomes are as once again, there could be some prespecified criteria that must be met in order to eligible for the promotion in the first place. 

With the cases of Enhanced Odds offers that set a limit on how much that can be wagered, the potential returns  from these offers may be paid in the form of a free bet. This will only apply to the portion of the bet that is above the standard odds. On our OddsMonkey matched betting blog, you can see how you can make the most out of any free bets that may be as a result of the promotion at hand.

Enhanced Odds Examples

With Enhanced Odds offers being so common throughout betting and particularly sports betting, there are plenty of different examples. Many of these offers come around major sporting events as there is a lot of traffic on these sites around these times. Sporting events such as football tournaments and horse races are targeted with these enhanced odds offers as these are some of the most popular events all year. 

Some classic examples of enhanced odds offers come from football, with a selection of teams all to win in the same game week, or a certain player to score in the match might be enhanced.

Real-life bookmaker examples are everywhere, with these offers being super popular. Sky Bet uses Enhanced Odds offers around Soccer Saturday in the form of price boosts. An example would be Chelsea, Leicester and Newcastle to all win, boosted from 9/2 to 13/2. For this bonus to come through, all 3 of these teams named would have to win their respective matches, and instead of the odds being the usual 9/2, they are boosted and instead settled 13/2 should all selections win. The initial odds are always shown, so you are able to judge whether the bet has good value. To find out more about football betting, use our football betting guide!

Another version of a price boost would be for Lionel Messi to score a hat trick in the next match, valued from 17/2 to 10/1. As you can see, these price boosts can affect all different types of bets, from different teams winning to different events happening in matches. If you are unsure how the odds convert into different returns and stakes, you could use our OddsMonkey betting odds calculator to ensure you know what the exact price of any Enhanced Odds offers are.

All different bookmakers have their own versions of enhanced odds offers, such as Paddy Power naming theirs ‘Power Prices’. Certain rules, such as own goals not counting for goalscorers or not eligible for Money-Back Specials, are important to note.

The William Hill Epic Odds promotion is their form of an Enhanced Odds offer that requires the player to “Opt-In”. William Hill has this type of offer on both horse racing and football, with the football version requiring you to build a bet with 3+ selections and at odds of 3/1 or bigger. 

How Are Enhanced Odds Linked To Matched Betting? 

These Enhanced Odds offers can be handy to matched bettors especially as the increase in odds can then present more opportunities for someone to place a lay bet; if done correctly, the player can lock in a profit by using this matched betting strategy which essentially covers all possible outcomes of an event.

Be sure to learn about matched betting as these Enhanced Odds offers can be used to lock in margins of profit if applying the innovative approach to betting correctly with the correct mathematics. To learn more about how to effectively use these promotions, you could read our price boosts matched betting guide which we also have on site!

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