Grand National sweepstake kit 2017: download yours today

It’s time to get your office Grand National sweepstake organised for the 2017 race! Download OddsMonkey’s Grand National sweepstake kit, print it out and cut it up*.

This Saturday (April 8th), the world’s greatest steeplechase will take place in what is perhaps the most famous and most eagerly anticipated horse racing event of the year: the Randox Health Grand National.

If you don’t fancy popping down to your local bookie, there’s still a way you can get in on the action: a sweepstake!

Organising your Grand National sweepstake

This year’s Grand National race takes place at 5:15pm on Saturday 8th April. 40 horses will compete to win the title race at Aintree, but only one will be victorious…

A sweepstake is the most democratic way to bet on the Grand National. Because you pick your horse(s) at random, you could get the favourite or you could end up with a 100/1 outsider. Or anyone in between. It’s all about the luck of the draw, which means that anyone (over 18) can take part.

So, whether you choose to hold your Grand National sweepstake with friends, family or your work colleagues, the chances are you’ll kick off a bit of healthy competition.

We do have a little word of warning for you to keep in mind. The final line up could change before the race begins – so get everything crossed when you pick your horse that you don’t end up with a non-starter!

How to run an office sweepstake:

  1. Download and print out your OddsMonkey Grand National sweepstake kit, carefully cut out the names, fold them up and pop them in a bowl (or anything else you have lying around the office).
  2. Use the second page of the kit to keep a record of who’s picked which horse. (This’ll stop Neil in Accounts claiming he picked the winner when his choice actually rocked in second from last).
  3. Set the stake (£1, £2, £5 or more – depending on the size of your group) and make sure you collect the money before the race. The whole idea of the sweepstake is that there’s a winner, so make sure there’s a prize too!

Ready? Enjoy – and good luck!

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*Please remember your Blue Peter training and ask an adult to help you with the cutting 😉

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