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Manchester Invincibles?

September 25th, 2017 Football, News & Events, Press Release

Such is the impressiveness of the starts of Manchester City and Manchester United, that Bookmakers are taking it serious that they might be able to go unbeaten for the whole campaign.

City and United are clear at the top of the Premier League, three points ahead of Champions Chelsea in third and five points clear of Tottenham in fourth.

Their dominance has now seen Bookmakers taking bets on both, possibly going the whole campaign undefeated.

“It is strange that everyone talks about the Premier League being so open, but the fact we are talking about two teams going unbeaten, shows how impressive both Manchester City and Manchester United have been,” said OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton.

“Clearly Punters have been looking at this, for Bookmakers to list City at just 14/1 and United at 33/1 – they are really skinny. Start of the season they would be 100s, easily – but they don’t want to get caught out.

“These odds look short, and they are, but you can be sure if they go another month undefeated – this will look generous, the Bookmakers won’t be caught out.”

Odds on going Premier League season unbeaten:
Man City 14/1 (Ladbrokes)
Man United 33/1 (Ladbrokes)