cheltenham such a big deal

Why is Cheltenham such a Big Deal at OddsMonkey?

There are only 46 days until the biggest festival of the year is here for matched bettors: Cheltenham Festival. It is the time of year OddsMonkey members look forward to the most. But why is Cheltenham such a big deal?

Why is Cheltenham such a big deal?

Put simply, it’s because it is the most profitable 4 days in the calendar for many. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the offers that bookmakers put out.

Number of offers

The number of profit making offers available at Cheltenham is exponentially greater than any other time of year. During the 2020 festival, there were over 20 Cheltenham-specific offers from bookmakers such as SkyBet, Betfair and Paddy Power.

We also counted another 18 offers our members call ‘Every day’ offers. These being offers that appear as the staple profit diet of matched bettors who regularly profit from horse racing.

If you’re new to OddsMonkey and haven’t completed all your sign ups then Cheltenham suits you too. In 2020, there was an opportunity to make even more profit as 6 bookmakers were running enhanced sign up offers.

That’s totally a huge 40+ profit making offers alone across just 4 days to be had! It is little wonder that we hear about seasoned OddsMonkey members booking days off work just to make the most of all the Cheltenham profit.

Type of offers

There are some phrases that you can say in the vicinity of an OddsMonkey member that will instantly grab their attention and one of those phrases is “Bet X Get X”.

‘Bet X Get X’ are the type of offers where it is straightforward to extract a profit with rarely an issue. Guess what? Cheltenham saw bookmakers run these offers in 2020 with one running a Bet £20 get £20 for 2 days of the festival last year – just these two offers could of bagged £35+ profit alone for a few minutes ‘work’!

‘Money back if your horse comes x’ are also great offers and there were plenty of these too.

There were so many other offers and also variations of the above such as ‘pick the winner in x race’ or ‘Bet x and get x for a certain race’ and all these offers have their own step-by-step instructions on OddsMonkey for the members to take full advantage of to make a profit.

Community buzz

There’s a tremendous community buzz amongst OddsMonkey members. As it’s the most profitable 4 days for many, you’ll hear about how others are making the most of the offers available. And how they’re using OddsMonkey tools to maximise earnings.

Make sure you sign up for an OddsMonkey account before Cheltenham to get yourself used to the profit-making process so you can profit well from Cheltenham 2021.

Cheltenham 2021 is being held Tues, March 16th – Fri, March 19th.

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