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Profit from extra place offers at the US Open with OddsMonkey

With a summer of golf tournaments ahead, it’s time to look at how you can profit from extra place offers. And OddsMonkey just so happens to have everything you need.

How to profit from extra place offers

OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Matcher pulls in odds from all bookmakers that are offering extra places. This means that you can extract major value from extra place offers. The bespoke software enables bettors to target some top potential profits, without having to search for the bookmakers who offer the most places.

OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Matcher will find you the best value bets. The tool allows you to sort by bookmaker and filter by ‘exchange’ and ‘place market’. This helps you find the bet that suits you. It also allows you (if you’re prepared to take a little extra risk) to add a few extra places to your matched bet.

Results are collated for all of the bookmakers offering extra place(s) and ranked based on the lowest qualifying loss. Alternatively, if Implied Odds are your trigger the software also displays those allowing you to build that into your selection criteria. You can then lay both the win and place part of the bet at one exchange or mix and match using the four exchanges built into the tool. If the player you’ve backed finishes in one of the extra places…jackpot!

Let’s look at an example of how to profit from an extra place offer:

If we place a £10 each way back bet on Padraig Harrington at odds of 501.00. By placing the lay bets stated on the Extra Place Matcher, you could find yourself in the following position. (For a qualifying loss of just £1.30):

  • If Padraig Harrington finishes anywhere except 6th or 7th, you would lose £1.30.
  • However, if Padraig Harrington finishes in the ‘extra places’ of 6th or 7th you would make a profit of £1,008.70!



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