David’s Story

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What challenges was David facing?

As a self-employed web designer/developer, David found that there were times when he was struggling to pay the bills. He also found himself with a lot of time on his hands. The work wasn’t consistent and he was often waiting for the phone to ring. This was dead times in terms of making money!

David needed to find another source of income. Something that was flexible enough to fit around his day job. It also had to be worth it and generate a meaningful second income.

  • Struggling to pay bills
  • Lots of wasted time (waiting for clients to respond)
  • Needed something that would fit around his work but be worth it financially

What goals did David have in mind?

David wanted to supplement his monthly income and ultimately become more financially stable. He didn’t feel like he was scrimping on things and wanted to be in a position where he was comfortable. In fact, David wanted to be able to have enough in his pocket for more treats. Things like a meal out, now and again, without having to worry about spending too much.

  • Supplement his monthly income
  • Feel more financially-secure
  • Be able to afford more ‘treats’ – meals out, coffees, holidays

What were the results?

After Googling ‘ways to make a second income’, David came across ‘matched betting’. He was a bit apprehensive and thought it sounded a little too good to be true at first, so he looked into it a bit more. Once he felt confident that the system worked, he gave it a go for free on OddsMonkey and made his first matched betting profits in no time.

In the eight months David’s now been matched betting, he’s added an average of £1000 a month to his income. In fact, some months, David’s earnt more from matched betting than his has from his freelance work!

David’s Dad loves aeroplanes. He mentioned that he’s never flown from Heathrow. Because of his extra income, David was able to book a surprise trip to Amsterdam, making sure his Dad got an aisle seat. And they flew from Heathrow. He’s also been able to take his girlfriend to Berlin. Things that he wouldn’t have been able to do with matched betting.

  • Found matched betting online and discovered OddsMonkey
  • Added an average £1000 a month to his income since he started
  • In fact, some months he earnt more from matched betting than he did from his job
  • Went to Berlin with his girlfriend and took his Dad to Amsterdam – all paid for by matched betting

Matched betting-related challenges for David

Once David discovered matched betting, he knew he had to spend time really getting to understand how it worked. He’d never been into betting before – apart from putting the odd bet on the Grand National. 

David has been with his girlfriend for 9 years and they live together. He was a little bit concerned that if he started matched betting without telling her, she’d be worried that he was gambling. He needed to explain to her how matched betting works and how he wasn’t risking any money.

Matched betting challenges

  • Never been into gambling (aside from the odd bet on the Grand National) so needed to understand how matched betting works.
  • Lives with his girlfriend and needed to make sure she understood matched betting. This was important because he didn’t want her to think he was just gambling and therefore risking their money.

*The above is an actual customer success story. Results may vary and are not guaranteed

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