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Like many people in their thirties, Gavin found that saving for a deposit for a house was difficult and even more so when taking into account the loans and credit cards he had to pay off. After seeing one of his pals doing really well off the back of matched betting, Gavin decided to take it seriously. He now earns over £1,400 consistently and is particularly proud of his monthly record of £2,900. The house that Gavin wants is nearly in reach.

Here’s Gavin’s story…

How long have you been matched betting?

“It’s not that long to be honest – just under a year now. I started about a year and a half ago but I’ve only been taking it seriously for 11 months.”

How did you hear about it?

“From my mate. He wouldn’t stop banging on about it, to be honest. He bought a new car: an Audi A5. Second hand, but still really tidy and me and the rest of the lads thought, “hang on a sec, he’s punching above his weight here”. And that’s when I thought to myself, “I fancy some of that as well – I should listen to what he’s saying.”

How easy was it to get started?

“I was dipping in and out of it for a few months and probably didn’t pick it up as quickly as I should. It’s hard but then it just clicks and it’s easy but you’ve got to put a bit of time in at the start to get your head around it all. The training guides are mint though – if you follow those you’re laughing – and the support that you get helps as well. There’s been a few times where I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I’ve been helped by the community or by OddsMonkey support”.

How long do you spend on matched betting now?

“It varies, but I’d probably say around two hours a day on average – sometimes more on a Saturday if there are a lot of offers on. I’m a massive sports fan anyway so some of it is just happening while I’m watching football or tennis.”

What does an average day look like for you and where does matched betting fit into it?

I work, and my shifts change slightly so it depends, but if I’m starting late I’ll get up, get ready for work but then spend an hour getting any sports bets I need to sorted for the day. I tend to use any breaks at work for Casino or Slots offers because they’re really easy to just get them done on your phone. On the weekend, I like to set things up for the day in the morning and then dip in and out of the racing or live football on the afternoons.

How much money are you able to earn from it consistently?

It’s going up every month to be honest. I’m learning more and more all the time. I’ve just started to use underlaying and overlaying and that’s boosted my profits. In the last three months I’ve clocked over £1,400 so let’s go with that.

What’s the most you’ve earned in any one month?

“My biggest month was £2,950 and I was on holiday for half of it as well. I got lucky and won £2,500 off of some free spins on a slot machine. I was absolutely buzzing. That’s the thing you see – people are matched betting and doing the free casino offers etc… and if you do enough of them it’s only a matter of time before you drop a decent win. You have to be in it to win it. A fella in the community won £14,000 earlier this year and everyone was so pleased for him.”

How much have you earned overall? Approximately?

“You know, I didn’t start properly tracking my winnings until about six months ago. It’s about £12,500. Not bad for a year and a half considering I’ve only been doing it properly for just under a year. Quite happy with that.”

What does the extra money mean to you? How is it helping?

“I used most of it to clear loans and credit cards at first but I’ve now started to save money for a deposit for a mortgage. It’s really tough to get onto the housing ladder these days and if I wasn’t matched betting I’d still be in debt, never mind being close to having enough to buy a house. So it’s helped massively. I spend a bit on myself as well! I’m not just saving, that’d be boring.”

How do you explain Matched Betting to other people?

“I used to be rubbish at explaining it to people so now I just show them the video on my phone. That’s another thing, I’ve made extra through the refer and earn programme by getting people I work with into it”.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about starting to matched bet?

“The sooner you start the sooner you can earn some money. If I’d have started when my mate told us about it I’d probably have bought a house already.”

What’s the best thing about OddsMonkey?

“For me it’s the support you get from the OddsMonkey team and the support from the community as well. I’m learning new things all the time and it’s really boosted my profits.”

*The above is an actual customer success story. Results may vary and are not guaranteed

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