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Use our matched betting calculator to work out how much money to stake on your lay bet at the betting exchange to ensure guaranteed profit. Use the dropdown menu to get the right results whether you're placing a qualifying bet, a free bet where the stake is not returned (SNR), or a free bet where the stake is returned (SR).

º  See the potential profits on both normal and free bets

º  Find out how much you need to back and lay

º  Adjust the figures if the odds change

º  Clearly see how your money will be distributed should you win at the bookmaker or win at the exchange

We also have matched betting formulas if you'd prefer to work it out yourself, or want to learn about the maths behind our matched betting calculator. Not sure what we're on about? Read our matched betting guide.

We have lots of other betting calculators that are free to use, including:

º  Each way calculator

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