Is there a big empty hole where your student loan used to sit? Have you gone hard without going home a few too many times this year? It was probably fun at 3am the other morning, but it won’t be such a laugh when you have to find some money for the next bill. If that’s the case, sounds like you need OddsMonkey’s Student Survival Guide.

Don’t worry. The party (and your hopes for a diet that doesn’t consist solely of 34p noodles) isn’t over yet. We’ve put together this list of student finance advice from some of the top sources available online to help you get back on your feet and live like a king; the King of Super Noodles, instead 😉

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OddsMonkey’s Student Survival Guide

Follow these links to save some money, plan your money and make some money.

1. Learn to Budget

Don’t groan – having a budget is important! And relatively easy to put together.

2. Hit the Discounts

Been brought up to sniff out a bargain? Well, now’s the time to put those skills to the test:

3. Find another way

Whilst you’re waiting for the next instalment of student loan to hit your bank account, why not take a look at some alternative funding solutions?

student survival guide matched betting

So remember – just because you’ve burnt through your first installment of your student loan in less than a fortnight, it isn’t Game Over. With a bit of clever budgeting, smart spending and some alternative ways of earning, you can be back on track with your finances in no time!