The number one way to make money online for students

Are you destined to become the stereotypical student: living on Pot Noodles, desperately collecting pound coins from supermarket trolleys and spending the day wrapped in your duvet because you can’t afford to put the heating on? Or is there an alternative? There is! And if it isn’t already, it’s quickly on its way to becoming the number one way to make money online only for students.

The other night, your mate started telling you a bit about this thing called matched betting. He gave you the basics of how it works, but it’s something you’re interested in find out a bit more about.

See how this student fits matched betting around uni life.

So why should you take a look at matched betting?

The benefits of matched betting:

  1. Don’t need to worry

    Earn up to £500 a month (based on an average 15 hours a week spent matched betting). For just a couple of hours’ ‘work’ a night, you could have a few hundred extra pounds to save…lol jk spend.

  2. Top up your student (maintenance) loan

    Funds running a bit low? Your matched betting earnings can subsidise your student loan and help boost your income. So instead of desperately waiting for the next installment of student loan to hit your bank account, you’ll know that you have a backup plan. (And maybe more importantly, you’ll be able to treat yourself and drink Coca Cola instead of Aldi’s own).

  3. You don’t have to beg Mum and Dad

    Hitting 18 is about finally getting your independence. With matched betting, there’s no need to spoil that by running home to ask your parents for some ‘pocket money’. You should still go and visit though – they miss you, you know!

  4. Some unis don’t allow part time jobs

    Or at least, they’re frowned upon. For example, Oxbridge students are advised against undertaking part time work. However, the whole uni-is-for-studying argument doesn’t take individuals’ situations into consideration:

    “I work 18.5 hours each week at The University of Worcester, where I am a student, earning around
    £375 per month. I use this money to pay for the living costs not covered by my loan.”

    Matched betting can be done on your terms, becoming the number one way to make money online for you.

  5. Be your own boss

    Matched betting can be done whenever and wherever you want: at home on your laptop or down the pub on your phone. It also means no more surprise shifts or last minute phone calls from the boss you know hates you.

  6. Have more time to focus on friends, fun…

    …and your degree. That’s why you’re at uni, right? Because you’re not tied to scheduled hours and can do as much (#NotNaggingBut: as long as it doesn’t interfere with your studies) or as little matched betting as you want. It should also give you some better time management skills, as you keep an eye on expiry dates and event details. Something to stick on your CV 😉

  7. Gives you an excuse to watch the game

    As if you needed one! And don’t worry if you don’t like sports – it doesn’t even matter. You can match bet without having to know anything about sports at all.

So if you’ve ever fancied the idea of making an extra £100+ a week (based on an average on 15 hours per week) whilst being your own boss, matched betting might just be the perfect fit to your hectic student life.

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Do you agree that matched betting could be the number one way to make money online for students? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Jenna OddsMonkey

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