6 ways to make money as a student

We all have better things to do than leave the house (except for a seminar or night out, of course). What do they think we are – fully-functioning adults, or something?…But the thing is, you’re running low on funds and you need to make money – fast. So what are some of the best ways to make money as a student?

Have you thought about a part time job? Check out our infographic and see how much you could make in a week.

Did you know that there are a load of ways to make money online from the comfort of your very own (very comfy) sofa. We’ve put together a short list of some of the best ways to make some money and work from home. Have you tried any of these before? Leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear how much you’ve made!

So, in no particular order, here are…

6 ways to make money as a student:

  1. Blogging or vlogging
    This is one for those who can write properly or speak properly have something interesting to say. If it’s done right, blogging/vlogging might not be a way to make money overnight, but by organically growing an audience, you can create something of real value.According to Kate Ross, managing director of digital marketing agency, eight&four, there is substantial money to be made by student bloggers and vloggers as “young audiences have a high commercial value”.

    The idea for monetisation here, is for you to build a large enough following that brands start to send you things (for free!) to review in the hope that your audience will be encouraged to buy. As you might have guessed, this approach isn’t going to show success overnight. However, there are ways you can monetise your content more quickly.

    Banner ads, which you embed into your blog, can be sold to advertisers for a set fee. They work by driving traffic to the brand or advertiser’s website. Another way is through…

  2. Affiliate marketing
    Often done via blogs and vlogs, affiliate marketing is done through links, sponsored posts and strategic adverts. You make money by referring people to purchase items or take out an online subscription and more and more companies are starting to use affiliate marketing to reward people who direct visitors to their website and ultimately generate business.
  3. Online surveys
    Don’t mind answering a few questions or filling in a few ticky boxes? There are loads of sites where you can take part in surveys for points, vouchers or sometimes even cash. Swagbucks is just one example and lets you earn free gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos and shopping online. It’s less risky than taking part in a medical trial, right? Nasty cough you’ve got there…
  4. Matched betting
    First thing’s first: even though it’s got ‘betting’ in the title, this isn’t gambling. Instead, it’s a risk-free way to turn bookmaker offers (eg: Bet £5, Get £20 in free bets) into real money that can end up in your wallet. It’s a great way to earn around £400 a month without leaving the comfort of your own bed! There are loads of other benefits too.
    ways to make money as a student - matched betting2nd year student Connor makes money matched betting. Read more here.
  5. Sell your stuff
    There are hundreds of websites where you can sell your stuff to make money online: eBay, Amazon, musicMagpie – even Facebook! If you’ve got old clothes, CDs or textbooks that you don’t want or need anymore, don’t just let them sit around gathering dust and taking up space when they could be gathering you money, instead.
  6. Freelancing
    If you don’t mind putting a bit of thinking time and effort into the way you earn money online, then why not try freelancing? This could be anything from writing dissertations for other students (tut, tut) to data entry jobs, transcribing audio, writing for online magazines or even completing tasks on Fiverr. The options are almost endless.Plus, it can be a great way (especially for Creatives) to see what working in the real world is like. Enjoy creating logos? Well why not try engaging with pushy clients and trying to meet never-defined briefs…Good luck 😉

So there you go: 6 great ways to make money online (when you need to make money fast). Being a student doesn’t mean you have to get a part time job but it doesn’t mean you need to be poor, either.

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